eLife invests in open-source technology to deliver effective solutions to accelerate research communication and discovery

eLife invests heavily in software development, new product design, collaboration and outreach so that the potential for improvements in the digital communication of new research can start to be realised. We support the development of open-source tools, with extensible capabilities, that can be used, adopted and modified by any interested party to help move towards an ecosystem that serves science and scientists as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

The eLife Innovation Initiative is a separately funded effort aimed at accelerating the development of technology and process innovations from creative individuals and teams within the academic and technology industries. The primary outputs of the Initiative are open tools, technologies and processes aimed at improving the discovery, sharing, consumption and evaluation of scientific research.

Through this Initiative, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to engage with the best emerging talent and ideas at the interface of research and technology. You can find out more about some of these engagements on eLife Labs, or contact our Innovation Officer for more information (

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