We believe that open access to research findings and associated data has the potential to revolutionise the scientific enterprise

Having free and open access to the outcomes of research helps make achievements more visible, accessible and usable – ultimately accelerating discoveries and their applications.

At eLife, we are actively working to promote openness by:

Providing open access to research results
We publish using the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license so that users can read, download and reuse text and data for free – provided the authors are given appropriate credit. We also distribute content to digital repositories and other networks.
Promoting understanding of research
For selected papers, we prepare non-technical summaries (eLife digests) so that the research we publish is accessible to a broader audience, including scientists in other fields, students, funders, policy makers and others.
Supporting reproducibility
eLife authors are encouraged to publish their work in full and are required to provide the key underlying data as part of their paper. We support projects such as Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) that promote unambiguous identification of reagents and materials. eLife is also the publishing partner for the Reproducibility Project in Cancer Biology.
Making our software open-source
The tools we develop to support research communication, including eLife Lens and Continuum, are made openly available so that others can use and build upon them without constraint.

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