Executive staff

eLife’s editors, early-career advisors, governing board, and executive staff work in concert to realise our mission.

Executive staff

  1. Nicola Adamson

    Senior Editorial Assistant

    n [dot] adamson [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  2. Mohammed Jakir Ali

    Community Engagement Assistant

    m [dot] ali [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  3. Shane Alsop

    Community Manager - Outreach

    s [dot] alsop [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  4. Fred Atherden

    Head of Production Operations

    f [dot] atherden [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  5. Scott Aubrey

    Tech Lead Manager

    s [dot] aubrey [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  6. Elise Bateman

    Community Manager - ECR


  7. Alessio Bolognesi

    Head of Journal Development

    a [dot] bolognesi [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  8. Fiona Bryant

    Senior Editorial Assistant

    f.bryant [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  9. Will Byrne

    Will Byrne

    Senior Software Developer

    w [dot] byrne [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  10. Wei Mun Chan

    Research Integrity Manager

    Wei Mun Chan joined eLife in September 2015, having previously worked in the Open Access Peer Review Management team at Wiley in Oxford. He has a PhD in Pharmacology from Imperial College, London, and prior to Wiley worked as a Senior Scientific Database Curator for UniProt at the European Bioinformatics Institute at Hinxton, UK.

  11. Hazal Ciplak

    Data Engineer

    h [dot] ciplak [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  12. Andy Collings

    Executive Editor

    Andy has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running and editorial integrity of eLife.

    He joined eLife prior to the journal’s launch in 2012. Before then he worked for PLOS.

    Outside of work, Andy enjoys watching (but not playing) football and cricket.

    Contact Andy at a.collings [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

  13. Rebecca Cook

    Senior Production Assistant


  14. George Currie eLife

    George Currie

    Content Manager

    George joined eLife in 2023 to help communicate the need for Open Science and alternative models of publishing. Before eLife, he worked as Brand Manager at Hindawi where he gained a deep understanding of the systems and challenges in research and research publishing. After briefly studying Biochemistry and Genetics he went on to graduate in Music. He cares about fairer systems, research integrity, and public understanding of science.

    Contact George at g [dot] currie [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  15. Julia Deathridge

    Associate Features Editor

    j.deathridge [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  16. Lena Dowdall

    Office and Human Resources Manager


  17. Daniel Ecer

    Senior Data Scientist

    d [dot] acer [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  18. James Gilbert

    Production Editor

    James Gilbert joined eLife in May 2012, having previously worked as a production assistant at BioMed Central. He has a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters in History of Science from Durham University. He works with both the Editorial and Production teams to ensure the smooth review and publication of articles at eLife.


  19. Vikki Gooch

    Office and Finance Assistant

    v [dot] gooch [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  20. Helga Groll

    Associate Features Editor

    Following her PhD and a post-doc, Helga swapped the lab bench for a career in science communication. Before joining eLife, Helga worked in a variety of science communication sectors, ranging from small PR and communications agencies to non-governmental organisations and the pharmaceutical sectors. In her current role as Associate Features Editor, Helga’s daily tasks include editing and writing magazine-style content for the journal and working on podcasts.

    h [dot] groll [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  21. Daniel Haarhoff

    Software Engineer - Tools and Infrastructure

    d [dot] haarhoff [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  22. Chris Huggins

    Lead UX Designer

    c [dot] huggins [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  23. Fiona Hutton

    Fiona Hutton

    Head of Publishing

    f [dot] hutton [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  24. Jill Joyce

    Financial Controller

    j [dot] joyce [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  25. a.kapan[at]elifesciences[dot]org

    Aisha Kapan

    Open Source Developer


  26. Paul Kelly

    Consultant Director of Finance and Administration

    p.kelly [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  27. Laibah Khan

    Marketing Assistant

    l [dot] khan [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  28. Lina Kindurytė


    l [dot] kinduryte [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  29. Nathan Lisgo

    Staff Engineer

    n.lisgo [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  30. George Litchfield

    Marketing and PR Assistant

    g [dot] litchfield [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  31. Elsa Loissel

    Associate Features Editor

    e [dot] loissel [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  32. Milly McConnell

    Editorial Manager

    m [dot] mcconnell [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  33. David Moulton

    Staff Engineer

    d.moulton [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  34. Ameena Naji

    Editorial Assistant


  35. Godwyns Onwuchekwa

    Head of Communities

    g [dot] onwuchekwa [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  36. Emily Packer

    Media Relations Manager

    Emily brings approximately four years’ public relations experience to eLife, including work in both agency and in-house environments. Prior to eLife, she held the post of PR Manager for research and consulting firm GlobalData, where she led the team in spreading the word about the company and its research on the global healthcare and energy sectors, generating coverage in a variety of world-leading news outlets. Before GlobalData, she held PR Executive positions with Tangerine PR and Harvey & Hugo Marketing and PR, the latter of which she joined after graduating with a first class degree in Creative Writing with Journalism from the University of Chester.

    e [dot] packer [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  37. Damian Pattinson

    Executive Director

    Damian obtained his PhD in neuroscience from University College London, UK, where he studied the development of sensory pathways in the laboratory of Professor Maria Fitzgerald. After a postdoc at King’s College London, UK, Damian joined the BMJ as Scientific Editor on BMJ Clinical Evidence and BMJ Best Practice. He joined PLOS ONE in 2010, first as Executive Editor, where he oversaw the rapid expansion of the journal, and then as Editorial Director. He then moved to Research Square as VP of Publishing Innovation and led the development of the Research Square preprint platform, before joining eLife in 2020.

    Contact Damian at d.pattinson [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  38. Sam Porteous

    Senior Editorial Assistant

    s [dot] porteous [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  39. Dave Price

    Front-end Developer

    d [dot] price [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  40. Siân Roderick

    Programme Manager

    s [dot] roderick [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  41. Peter Rodgers

    Chief Magazine Editor

    Peter joined eLife as Features Editor in June 2012 and has worked in scientific publishing for more than twenty years. As Chief Magazine Editor he oversees the non-research content of eLife and also the Digests that are included in all Research Articles and Short Reports. Previously he has been the Chief Editor of Nature Nanotechnology (2006-2012), where he had overall responsibility for all research and non-research content, and the Editor of Physics World magazine (1996-2005). Peter has a degree in physics from Imperial College London (1984) and a PhD from the Queen's University of Belfast (1988), and worked at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory before joining Physics World as an Assistant Editor in 1990.

  42. Paul Shannon

    Head of Technology and Innovation

    Paul is responsible for technology strategy and delivery at eLife, ensuring the team are committed to openness in the products they produce to encourage broad change across the research communication landscape.

    He brings 15 years’ experience in technology and software development to the team and was previously VP Technology for innovative digital music platform 7digital, where he grew the team and scaled the API platform to support the vastly changing music technology industry. He shares his experience in open-source, agile, lean, and XP practices as a regular conference speaker and also tackles topics around digital publishing, process improvement, data-driven decision making and team dynamics at universities and conferences around the world.

    When not at eLife, Paul combines his interests in photography and motorsports with time spent with his young family – resulting in lots of photographs of fast-moving things that cost a lot of money.

    Contact Paul at p.shannon [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

  43. Ashlea Shaw

    Senior Product Manager

    a [dot] shaw [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  44. Giorgio Sironi

    Tech Lead Manager

    I search for the harmony between form and context, which is a fancy way of saying I build software to fit in the world I'm in and its rapid changes.

    In the specific, my areas of expertise are testing, OOP design and distributed computing.

    g [dot] sironi [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  45. Emma Smith

    Journal Development Editor

    e [dot] smith [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  46. Anja Stares

    Marketing Manager

    a [dot] stares [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  47. Naushin Thomson

    Naushin Thomson

    Senior Production Assistant

    Naushin works on the production team to help ensure the smooth publication of articles.

    She graduated from the University of St Andrews with a BSc in Medicine, and went on to do an MSc in Reproductive & Developmental Biology at Imperial College London.

    At home, Naushin loves all things craft and cooking and would happily talk for hours about both.

    Contact her at n [dot] thomson [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

  48. Rachel Tonkin

    Senior Marketing Manager

    r [dot] tonkin [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  49. Daisy Veysey

    Social Media Specialist

    d [dot] veysey [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  50. Hazel Walker

    Assistant Features Editor

    h [dot] walker [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  51. Rowena Walton

    Head of Marketing and Communications

    Rowena leads the marketing team at eLife, responsible for raising awareness for eLife's many initiatives.

    Before joining eLife she was responsible for the marketing of publicly funded business support services at consultancy YTKO. Her previous roles have also included heading up the digital communications for a large regional accountancy firm and supporting the marketing team of an international experience design agency during a large scale rebrand.

    Outside of work you'll find Rowena spending time with her young family.

    You can contact her at r [dot] walton [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

  52. Chris Wilkinson

    Tech Lead Manager

    c [dot] wilkinson [at] elifesciences [dot] org

  53. Mark Williams

    Product Manager

    m [dot] williams [at] elifesciences [dot] org