Figure 3—figure supplement 5. | Temporal structure in associative retrieval

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Temporal structure in associative retrieval

Figure 3—figure supplement 5.

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University College London, United Kingdom
Figure 3—figure supplement 5.
Download figureOpen in new tabFigure 3—figure supplement 5. Generalization of instantaneous representational patterns over time, with finer temporal binning.

Here we trained classifiers on every time bin relative to the onset of Si in the Association phase, and tested at every time bin relative to the same onsets. For this figure we binned the data into 8 ms bins rather than the 20 ms bins used in the rest of the paper. Each cell of this grid shows cross-validated prediction accuracy, so the diagonal is equivalent to Figure 3B, blue trace (except that this figure has finer temporal binning). Later classifiers generalized better over time than earlier classifiers. We note the possibility that the 200 ms peak of classification might be decomposed into further sub-peaks (white and black arrows); however, we were unable to statistically separate these sub-peaks, due to variability between subjects. The peak at 400 ms is evident (blue arrow). Absolute classification accuracy is lower than with more coarsely binned data, likely due to a poorer signal to noise ratio.