Figure 3. | Mapping global environmental suitability for Zika virus

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Mapping global environmental suitability for Zika virus

Figure 3.

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University of Oxford, United Kingdom; University of Washington, United States; University of Melbourne, United Kingdom; University of Southampton, United Kingdom; Harvard Medical School, United Kingdom; University of Toronto, Canada; St Michael's Hospital, Canada; Flowminder Foundation, Sweden; Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany; Heidelberg partner site, Germany; Ministry of Health Brazil, Brazil; University of California Davis, United States
Figure 3.
Download figureOpen in new tabFigure 3. Status of ZIKV reporting as of 2016 by country, showing countries that are highly environmentally suitable (having a suitable area of more than 10,000 square kilometres) but which have not yet reported symptomatic cases of ZIKV in humans. 'Currently reporting' countries are those having reported cases since 2015.