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NL-RSE Meetup | Collaboration and communication between Research Software Engineers

eLife’s Innovation Officer, Giulia Guizzardi, will be presenting “Executable Research Articles (ERA): Enrich a research paper with live code and data” at the next NL-RSE Meetup.
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The Netherlands eScience Center, the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) and SURF organise NL-RSE meetups to encourage collaboration and communication between Research Software Engineers in the Netherlands. The next meetup will take place online on September 15 from 1.30pm- 5pm BST.

We are pleased to announce that eLife’s Innovation Officer, Giulia Guizzardi, will be presenting about ERA at this event. Executable Research Articles deliver a truly web-native format for taking published research to a new level of transparency, reproducibility and interactivity. At the moment, authors with a published eLife paper can enrich their published work with the addition of live code blocks, programmatically-generated interactive figures, and dynamically generated in-line values, using familiar tools like R Markdown and Jupyter in combination with Stencila Hub’s intuitive asset management and format conversion interface. Browse through our recently published collection of ERA articles to discover ERA’s versatility for making published research more interactive and engaging, and how it can showcase the power of Jupyter and R Markdown all the way through to publication.

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Registration is free and the meetup will be hosted on Zoom.


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