Early-career researchers: A collection of interviews: a collection of interviews

CCBY 3.0 Katja Kornysheva

Early-career researchers

A collection of interviews

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In a series of interviews with early-career researchers, we explore how they became interested in science, what they are working on at present, and what they hope to achieve in the future.


  1. Ana Domingos of the Gulbenkian Science Institute in Portugal has forged a career learning why we like certain types of food. By looking at the reward system of the mouse brain, she has revealed pathways that explain why animals prefer sugar, and...

  2. Jessica Metcalf of the University of Colorado is rapidly becoming an expert regarding the science of death. "I've been into dead things for a while," she told eLife. "They hold a lot of information." Jessica Metcalf in a cave during an...