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  1. Atomic design and pattern libraries: a robust front-end approach for eLife 2.0

    Paul Mollahan from digital consultancy Digirati discusses the innovative front-end approaches to eLife 2.0.
  2. Media coverage: First results of cancer reproducibility project released

    The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology aims to assess reproducibility in cancer biology and identify what influences its success or failure in science more generally.
  3. eLife latest: Introducing Scientific Correspondence at eLife

    A new article type allows scientists to challenge the results reported in eLife papers, and gives the original authors an opportunity to respond.
  4. Webinar report: Pursuing science in an uncertain world

    In February's #ECRWednesday webinar, speakers discussed the impact of Brexit on researchers based in the UK.
  5. Webinar report: Addressing the career challenges of bioinformaticians

    The participants of April’s #ECRWednesday webinar discussed their careers in bioinformatics and considered the skills needed to be successful.
  6. eLife latest: An opportunity to review papers in Genomics and Evolutionary Biology

    eLife invites early-career researchers to join the Genomics and Evolutionary Biology reviewer pool.
  7. Webinar report: How to be a medic and a scientist

    The first #ECRWednesday webinar of 2018 explored what it's like to balance clinical work with research.
  8. Early-Career Advisory Group: Six new members announced

    Three graduate students, two postdocs and one PI will join the advisory group next month.
  9. Media coverage: November roundup of eLife papers in the news

    High-profile news coverage that eLife papers generated in November 2017, including CTV News, International Business Times and Smithsonian magazine.
  10. Early-career researcher travel grants: Next four authors selected

    Four eLife authors will receive a grant of up to $1,000 to support their attendance and presentation at a meeting of their choice.