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  1. A message from the eLife Early-Career Advisory Group

    In our recent video, hear why the eLife Early-Career Advisory Group feel "it's time to change what we value in science".
  2. Plain-language Summaries: Results of the 2016 eLife digest reader survey

    A survey of over 300 people reveals what our readers really think of eLife digests.
  3. Webinar report: Engaging with wider audiences

    In the third #ECRWednesday webinar of 2017, speakers shared their experiences of communicating with different audiences.
  4. May roundup of eLife papers in the news

    Showcasing the top mentions that eLife papers received in May
  5. Media coverage: First results of cancer reproducibility project released

    The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology aims to assess reproducibility in cancer biology and identify what influences its success or failure in science more generally.
  6. eLife simplifies submission for authors through new collaborations

    eLife is integrating new authoring tools into its submission system to give authors more choice about how they submit their work.
  7. How to join the eLife Early-Career Advisory Group

    Details on the nomination process for eLife's Early-Career Advisory Group, who will be welcoming five new members in August 2017.
  8. 500 reviews for eLife have been recorded on Publons

    In May 2015, we started to encourage our editors and reviewers to use Publons, and there has been healthy interest in this service, with more than 500 peer reviews for eLife now recorded.

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