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Cell Biology

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    Hypoxia-induced proteasomal degradation of DBC1 by SIAH2 in breast cancer progression

    Qiangqiang Liu et al.
    SIAH2 and OTUD5 orchestrate DBC1 ubiquitination and degradation under hypoxic conditions.
    1. Cell Biology

    CXCR4high megakaryocytes regulate host-defense immunity against bacterial pathogens

    Jin Wang et al.
    scRNA-seq identified CXCR4high MKs can funtionally regulate host-defense immune response against bacterial infection.
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    Ubiquitination drives COPI priming and Golgi SNARE localization

    Swapneeta S Date et al.
    The ability of COPI to bind polyubiquitin is a key determinant for SNARE incorporation into intracellular vesicles and for maintenance of a functional Golgi complex.
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    Distinct roles for two Caenorhabditis elegans acid-sensing ion channels in an ultradian clock

    Eva Kaulich et al.
    Two acid-sensing members of the degenerin/epithelial sodium channel family play distinct roles in controlling different aspects of rhythmic proton and calcium oscillations in the nematode intestine.
    1. Cell Biology

    Modular, cascade-like transcriptional program of regeneration in Stentor

    Pranidhi Sood et al.
    Regeneration of single Stentor coeruleus cells is accompanied by a program of gene expression that can be decomposed into distinct modules, showing a cascade-like organization, and involving genes with conserved function in development and cell cycle control.
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    2. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

    Full spectrum flow cytometry reveals mesenchymal heterogeneity in first trimester placentae and phenotypic convergence in culture, providing insight into the origins of placental mesenchymal stromal cells

    Anna Leabourn Boss et al.
    Full spectrum flow cytometry reveals a high degree of placental mesenchymal cell heterogeneity, which is lost with culture, highlighting the importance of detailed ex vivo phenotyping to optimise the use of these cells in downstream applications.
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    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Three-dimensional structure of kinetochore-fibers in human mitotic spindles

    Robert Kiewisz et al.
    Comprehensive 3D electron tomography reconstructions of metaphase spindles in human tissue culture cells reveal that kinetochore-fibers broaden as they extend polewards, forming semi-direct connections to the pole, where they preferentially interact with the spindle network.

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