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Evolutionary Biology

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    Antagonistic role of the BTB-zinc finger transcription factors Chinmo and Broad-Complex in the juvenile/pupal transition and in growth control

    Sílvia Chafino, Panagiotis Giannios ... Xavier Franch-Marro
    Stage identity and developmental progression in insects is controlled by sequential expression of temporal-specific transcription factors.
    1. Ecology
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    Tradeoffs explain scaling, sex differences, and seasonal oscillations in the remarkable weapons of snapping shrimp (Alpheus spp.)

    Jason P Dinh, SN Patek
    Observational field analyses demonstrate that within a species, variation in animal weapon size corresponds to individual differences in the costs and benefits of weaponry.
    1. Developmental Biology
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    Mutation of vsx genes in zebrafish highlights the robustness of the retinal specification network

    Joaquín Letelier, Lorena Buono ... Juan R Martínez-Morales
    Depletion of vsx genes in zebrafish confirms a conserved role in bipolar cells specification across vertebrates, but do not interfere with the formation of the neural retina domain, which reveal an unexpected robustness of the genetic network sustaining the retina.
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    The impact of local genomic properties on the evolutionary fate of genes

    Yuichiro Hara, Shigehiro Kuraku
    The genomic features associated with a gene fate to loss have been retained for approximately 500 million years during evolution, and the genes with these features exhibit restricted expression profiles, leading to the genes being less important.
    1. Cancer Biology
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    Cancers adapt to their mutational load by buffering protein misfolding stress

    Susanne Tilk, Judith Frydman ... Dmitri Petrov


    1. Developmental Biology
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    Natural History of Model Organisms: E. coqui

    Sarah E Westrick, Mara Laslo, Eva K Fischer
    1. Ecology
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    Plant Biology: Hiding in plain smell

    Youngsung Joo, Meredith C Schuman
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    On the origin of fly species

    Hui Gong, Lucia Prieto-Godino

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