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    1. Cell Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Translational regulation enhances distinction of cell types in the nervous system

    Toshiharu Ichinose, Shu Kondo ... Hiromu Tanimoto
    1. Neuroscience

    Distance and grid-like codes support the navigation of abstract social space in the human brain

    Zilu Liang, Simeng Wu ... Chao Liu
    New data provides partial evidence that abstract social knowledge adopts a similar encoding scheme as spatial cognitive maps in the human brain.
    1. Neuroscience

    An image-computable model of speeded decision-making

    Paul I. Jaffe, Gustavo X. Santiago-Reyes ... Russell A. Poldrack
    1. Neuroscience

    The subthalamic nucleus contributes causally to perceptual decision-making in monkeys

    Kathryn Rogers, Joshua I. Gold, Long Ding


    1. Neuroscience

    The neuroscience of social novelty

    Emma Keppler, Susanna Molas

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