Physics of Living Systems

Physics of Living Systems

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    1. Physics of Living Systems

    Diffusive lensing as a mechanism of intracellular transport and compartmentalization

    Achuthan Raja Venkatesh, Kathy H Le ... Onn Brandman
    Agent-based modeling of space-dependent diffusivity inside cells reveals potential effects on biomolecule concentration and mesoscale dynamics.
    1. Physics of Living Systems

    Local Volume Concentration, Packing Domains and Scaling Properties of Chromatin

    Marcelo Carignano, Martin Kröger ... Igal Szleifer
    1. Physics of Living Systems

    Quantifying gliding forces of filamentous cyanobacteria by self-buckling

    Maximilian Kurjahn, Antaran Deka ... Stefan Karpitschka
    The self-buckling behavior of filamentous cyanobacteria allowed a quantification of their propulsion forces, indicating that adhesion plays an important role in gliding motility.
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Spectral decomposition unlocks ascidian morphogenesis

    Joel Dokmegang, Emmanuel Faure ... Madhav Mani
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Partitioning to ordered membrane domains regulates the kinetics of secretory traffic

    Ivan Castello-Serrano, Frederick A Heberle ... Ilya Levental
    Direct measurements of trafficking kinetics between organelles of the secretory pathway suggest that lipid-driven membrane domains laterally sort proteins during membrane traffic.
    1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease
    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Potassium-mediated bacterial chemotactic response

    Chi Zhang, Rongjing Zhang, Junhua Yuan
    Escherichia coli exhibits sensitive chemotaxis to potassium, mediated by differential responses of Tar and Tsr chemoreceptors to intracellular pH changes induced by potassium concentration gradients.

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