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The cyclic-peptide antibiotic GE23077 inhibits bacterial RNA polymerase through a novel target that exhibits low susceptibility to target-based resistance and that enables synthesis of bipartite inhibitors that are exceptionally potent and refractory to target-based resistance.
Yu Zhang, David Degen, Mary X Ho, Elena Sineva, Katherine Y Ebright, Yon W Ebright, Vladimir Mekler, Hanif Vahedian-Movahed, Yu Feng, Ruiheng Yin, Steve Tuske, Herbert Irschik, Rolf Jansen, Sonia Maffioli, Stefano Donadio, Eddy Arnold, Richard H Ebright
Interactions between Aim24 and the mitochondrial outer and inner membrane contact site complex (MICOS) are essential for mitochondrial ultrastructure, lipid composition and oxidative phosphorylation.
Max Emanuel Harner, Ann-Katrin Unger, Toshiaki Izawa, Dirk M Walther, Cagakan Özbalci, Stefan Geimer, Fulvio Reggiori, Britta Brügger, Matthias Mann, Benedikt Westermann, Walter Neupert
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Phosphorylation of the Wnt receptor LRP6 directly inhibits glycogen synthase kinase-3 by acting as a pseudosubstrate that stabilizes an active conformation of the enzyme, identical to autoinhibition by phosphorylation of its N terminus.
Jennifer L Stamos, Matthew Ling-Hon Chu, Michael D Enos, Niket Shah, William I Weis


Showing results 1 - 10 of 85