April roundup of eLife papers in the news

High profile news coverage that eLife papers generated in April 2017, including the Huffington Post, International Business Times and more.
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In the second of our monthly media coverage roundups, we highlight the top mentions that eLife papers generated in April. You can view the coverage, along with the related articles, below:

Lin, Giuliano et al.’s Short Report, ‘ CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis invalidates a putative cancer dependency targeted in on-going clinical trials’, was featured in:

  • Nature – CRISPR studies muddy results of older gene research

Blanco-Melo et al.’s Research Article, ‘ Co-option of an endogenous retrovirus envelope for host defense in hominid ancestors’, was mentioned in:

  • International Business Times – Our ancestors defeated a virus from the same family as HIV 11 million years ago
  • PLOS Blogs Network – Fossil Friday Roundup: April 14, 2017
  • Gizmodo – Scientists Unearth Ancient DNA Depicting a Battle Between Viruses and Our Ancestors
  • Lenta (Russia) – Human DNA reveals traces of an ancient extinct virus (translated)
  • Financial Express (India) – Our ancestors defeated virus from HIV family 11 million years ago

Shi et al.’s Research Article, ‘ Identification of Redeye, a new sleep-regulating protein whose expression is modulated by sleep amount’, and Ni, Hou et al.’s Research Article, ‘ Selectively driving cholinergic fibers optically in the thalamic reticular nucleus promotes sleep’, were mentioned in:

  • Huffington Post – What Fruit Flies Can Tell Us About Human Sleep and Circadian Disorders

The Feature Article by Aach et al., ‘ Addressing the ethical issues raised by synthetic human entities with embryo-like features’, was covered in:

  • The Burbank Leader (published by the LA Times) – In Theory: Scientists may soon be able to engineer organs. What does religion have to say about that?

Font et al.’s Research Article, ‘ Optical control of pain in vivo with a photoactive mGlu5 receptor negative allosteric modulator’, was featured in:

  • El País (Spain) – A drug soothes pain only when it receives violet light
  • Gulf News – Pain management: A new hope

And Tafazoli, Safaai et al.’s Research Article, ‘ Emergence of transformation-tolerant representations of visual objects in rat lateral extrastriate cortex’, was mentioned in:

  • La Repubblica (Italy) – Mice offer a new model to study human sight (translated)

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