• Getting ready to open

    Clusters of synapses develop in the primary visual cortex in young mice before they open their eyes for the first time.

    Alexandra H Leighton, Juliette E Cheyne, Christian Lohmann
    Research Article
  • Spontaneous preterm birth

    Measuring proteins involved in the immune response in pregnant women may help to identify those at risk of spontaneous preterm birth.

    Zachary Shaffer, Roberto Romero ... Nardhy Gomez-Lopez
    Research Article
  • Decoding spike signatures

    Nuclei cells in the cerebellum produce distinct spike signatures for ataxia, dystonia, and tremor in mouse models.

    Meike E. van der Heijden, Amanda M. Brown ... Roy V. Sillitoe
    Reviewed Preprint Updated

Latest research

    1. Medicine

    An atlas of brain-bone sympathetic neural circuits in mice

    Vitaly Ryu, Anisa Azatovna Gumerova ... Mone Zaidi
    Central SNS outflow sites originating from 87 brain nuclei and sub-nuclei in six brain divisions innervate bone.
    1. Cell Biology

    Vacuolar H+-ATPase determines daughter cell fates through asymmetric segregation of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex

    Zhongyun Xie, Yongping Chai ... Wei Li
    Asymmetric segregation of V-ATPase may cause distinct acidification levels in the two daughter cells, enabling asymmetric epigenetic inheritance that specifies their respective life-versus-death fates.
    1. Neuroscience

    The components of an electrical synapse as revealed by expansion microscopy of a single synaptic contact

    Sandra P Cárdenas-García, Sundas Ijaz, Alberto E Pereda
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Uncovering the BIN1-SH3 interactome underpinning centronuclear myopathy

    Boglarka Zambo, Evelina Edelweiss ... Gergo Gogl
    The SH3 domain of BIN1 mediates an unexpectedly large array of interactions, which is perturbed by missense variants.
    1. Cancer Biology

    RBM7 deficiency promotes breast cancer metastasis by coordinating MFGE8 splicing switch and NF-kB pathway

    Fang Huang, Zhenwei Dai ... Yang Wang
    RBM7 functions as a novel regulator of MFGE8 alternative splicing and p65 phosphorylation to counteract the metastatic potential of breast cancer, offering novel mechanistic insights into how abnormal splicing contributes to tumor aggressiveness.