• Vocal motifs in orangutans

    Evidence for ‘recursive’ vocal structures in wild animals has implications for the evolution of language. (Photo: Madeleine E Hardus CC-BY)

    Adriano R Lameira, Madeleine E Hardus ... Marco Gamba
    Research Article
  • Secretion secrets

    Experiments reveals how post-invasion protein secretion in the parasite Toxoplasma gondii differs from the pre-invasion process.

    Sara Chelaghma, Huiling Ke ... Ross F Waller
    Research Article Updated
  • DKK3 and Alzheimer’s disease

    Downregulation of DKK3, a protein that is elevated in Alzheimer’s disease, restores synapse integrity and memory in a mouse model of the disease.

    Nuria Martin Flores, Marina Podpolny ... Patricia C Salinas
    Research Article

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    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Cell Biology

    Remodelling of skeletal muscle myosin metabolic states in hibernating mammals

    Christopher T. A. Lewis, Elise G. Melhedegaard ... Julien Ochala
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Kinases in motion: impact of protein and small molecule interactions on kinase conformations

    Valentina Kugler, Selina Schwaighofer ... Eduard Stefan
    1. Medicine

    Articular cartilage corefucosylation regulates tissue resilience in osteoarthritis

    Kentaro Homan, Tomohiro Onodera ... Norimasa Iwasaki