Latest research

    1. Neuroscience

    Metacognition in anxious-depression is state-dependent: an observational treatment study

    Celine A Fox, Chi Tak Lee ... Claire M Gillan
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Diversity and evolution of cerebellar folding in mammals

    Katja Heuer, Nicolas Traut ... Roberto Toro
    1. Cell Biology

    CRB3 navigates Rab11 trafficking vesicles to promote γTuRC assembly during ciliogenesis

    Bo Wang, Zheyong Liang ... Peijun Liu
    The apical polarity protein CRB3 is crucial for regulating vesicle trafficking in γ-tubulin ring complex assembly during ciliogenesis and cilium-related Hedgehog and Wnt signaling pathways in tumorigenesis.
    1. Plant Biology
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Carotenoid assembly regulates quinone diffusion and the Roseiflexus castenholzii reaction center-light harvesting complex architecture

    Jiyu Xin, Yang Shi ... Xiaoling Xu
    Investigations of the reaction center (RC)-light harvesting (LH) complex from an ancient chlorosome-less anoxygenic phototroph Roseiflexus castenholzii reveal the structural basis by which carotenoids assembly regulates the architecture and quinone exchange of bacterial RC-LH complex.
    1. Epidemiology and Global Health

    The importance of patient-partnered research in addressing long COVID: Takeaways for biomedical research study design from the RECOVER Initiative’s Mechanistic Pathways taskforce

    C Kim, Benjamin Chen ... RECOVER Mechanistic Pathways Task Force
    Collaborative and mutually beneficial patient-provider-researcher relationships are crucial in achieving success in understanding and treating long COVID.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Cancer Biology

    FOXP2 confers oncogenic effects in prostate cancer

    Xiaoquan Zhu, Chao Chen ... Yanyang Zhao
    FOXP2, encoding a forkhead-box transcription factor regarded as vital to proper development of human speech, was revealed to have an oncogenic potential and activate MET signaling in prostate cancer.
    1. Epidemiology and Global Health

    Nationwide mammography screening participation in Denmark during the COVID-19 pandemic: An observational study

    Tina Bech Olesen, Henry Jensen ... Sisse H Njor
    Only a minor reduction in mammography screening participation was observed during the COVID-19 pandemic in Denmark.