Latest research

    1. Neuroscience

    Regional response to light illuminance across the human hypothalamus

    Islay Campbell, Roya Sharifpour ... Gilles Vandewalle
    1. Ecology

    Coordinated molecular and ecological adaptations underlie a highly successful parasitoid

    Lan Pang, Gangqi Fang ... Jianhua Huang
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    A multi-hierarchical approach reveals d-serine as a hidden substrate of sodium-coupled monocarboxylate transporters

    Pattama Wiriyasermkul, Satomi Moriyama ... Shushi Nagamori
    An unbiased approach unveils a non-canonical substrate of the known transporters, highlighting the mechanism behind the use of D-serine as a kidney biomarker.
    1. Developmental Biology

    Inhibitory G proteins play multiple roles to polarize sensory hair cell morphogenesis

    Amandine Jarysta, Abigail LD Tadenev ... Basile Tarchini
    Sensory hair cells in the inner ear use inhibitory G proteins with different regulators at different stages of development to break symmetry, adopt a proper orientation, and grow stereocilia.
    1. Cell Biology

    Endogenous tagging using split mNeonGreen in human iPSCs for live imaging studies

    Mathieu C Husser, Nhat P Pham ... Alisa Piekny
    The split mNeonGreen system enables fast and efficient endogenous tagging in human iPSCs and facilitates the study of proteins in human stem cells and differentiated cells by live imaging.
    1. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    LRMP inhibits cAMP potentiation of HCN4 channels by disrupting intramolecular signal transduction

    Colin H Peters, Rohit K Singh ... John R Bankston
    A combination of patch clamp electrophysiology and FRET determine critical interactions between HCN4 channels and the ER resident protein LRMP and suggest a possible mechanism for reduced cAMP sensitivity.
    1. Medicine

    Membrane-bound O-acyltransferase 7 (MBOAT7) shapes lysosomal lipid homeostasis and function to control alcohol-associated liver injury

    Venkateshwari Varadharajan, Iyappan Ramachandiran ... J Mark Brown
    MBOAT7 loss of function in hepatocytes contributes to ethanol-induced liver injury, offering crucial insights into the dysregulated lipid metabolism and impaired autophagy associated with advanced liver disease.
    1. Genetics and Genomics
    2. Neuroscience

    Antipsychotic-induced epigenomic reorganization in frontal cortex of individuals with schizophrenia

    Bohan Zhu, Richard I Ainsworth ... Javier González-Maeso
    Age and antipsychotic treatment effects on chromatin organization in the frontal cortex of schizophrenia subjects.
    1. Ecology

    Warming and altered precipitation independently and interactively suppress alpine soil microbial growth in a decadal-long experiment

    Yang Ruan, Ning Ling ... Zhibiao Nan
    Warming and altered precipitation reduce the growth rates of alpine soil bacteria by 40-90%, and the growth of ~70% taxa is influenced by antagonistic interactions between factors.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Convergent epigenetic evolution drives relapse in acute myeloid leukemia

    Kevin Nuno, Armon Azizi ... Ravindra Majeti
    Integrated analyses of acute myeloid leukemia genetics and epigenetics demonstrate that epigenetic evolution occurs in a convergent manner in the absence of DNA mutations at relapse post-chemotherapy.