The eLife community is working to help address some of the pressures on early-career scientists in a number of ways. Learn more about our work and advisory group, sign up for our monthly news, follow us on Twitter, and explore recent activities below.
Illustration by Davide Bonazzi


  1. ​​eLife Latest: January 2023 update on our actions to promote equity, diversity and inclusion

    This fifth report on our ongoing work to address inequities in research and publishing reflects on our activities at the end of last year and plans for the next six months.
  2. A hand gloved in blue holding a magenta spark on a grey background

    Health: Reading our future in the bones of children past

    As the United Kingdom braces for a sharp fall in living standards, a bioarchaeologist and a paediatrician discuss what the past can reveal about the social forces that shape modern health crises.
  3. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Announcing the winners for 2022

    12 scientists from around the world are recognised with awards to catalyse change and unlock new research and career opportunities, including five authors of Reviewed Preprints.
  4. A pastel blue hand holds a balanced pair of scales across a fractured background; both plates hold the grey silhouette of a scientist, who is either giving a speech (left plate) or looking down a microscope (right plate).

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: The hidden toll of community outreach

    Raul A Ramos
    Caught in a system eager for success stories, a PhD student from an underrepresented background learns how to balance his challenges in the lab with his desire to serve his community.
  5. eLife Latest: Welcoming our newest editors in Latin America

    eLife’s representation in Latin America more than triples as over 40 researchers based across the region join our editorial board.
  6. Science and Politics: The fight for evolution

    N Ezgi Altınışık
    As the Turkish government intensified its attacks on the theory of evolution, the academic community rallied to push back. A researcher recounts how she decided to join them.
  7. 2022 eLife Community Ambassadors: Ready for action

    After completing their learning, awareness and community-building phase, our global group of early-career researchers are now eager to make change across research culture.
  8. Photograph of Catherine Kyobutungi smiling at the camera, wearing a suit.

    Talking Points: Catherine Kyobutungi on global health

    To decolonialise global health, research projects need to involve scientists from the Global South from day one.
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    Career: How I learned to redefine academic success as a senior postdoc

    John J Tukker
    After many professional twists and turns, a researcher reconsiders what it means to ‘make it’ in academia.
  10. A photograph of Rosanna Alegado in her lab. Image credit: Elyse Butler

    Talking Points: Rosanna Alegado on scientists and Indigenous communities

    Developing strong relationships between scientists and Indigenous communities is essential to promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples and improving science.