The eLife community is working to help address some of the pressures on early-career scientists in a number of ways. Learn more about our work and advisory group, sign up for our monthly news, follow us on Twitter, and explore recent activities below.
Illustration by Davide Bonazzi


  1. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Applications open for 2022

    Reviewed Preprint authors from underrepresented backgrounds and countries with limited funding can now apply for an award to support their research and career.
  2. Webinar Report: Getting involved in global science policy

    Panellists discussed their career journeys and experiences with science policy and provided guidance for how anyone can get involved.
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    Career: Why I shrank my lab by half

    Anne E Carpenter
    A medical diagnosis sets a principal investigator on a new path.
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    Reproductive Rights: Having an abortion during your PhD

    Amanda Smythers
    A graduate student reflects on her choice to end a pregnancy, and on what the overturning of Roe v. Wade means for trainees in the United States.
  5. Webinar Report: An introduction to Sciety for early-career researchers

    Watch back the recording to learn more about Sciety – a platform for discovering, reading and sharing preprints and open peer reviews.
  6. Early-Career Advisory Group: Meet our new members for 2022

    We introduce five new members of our Early-Career Advisory Group, working to reform research communication and culture.
  7. eLife Latest: July 2022 update on our actions to promote equity, diversity and inclusion

    This fourth report on our ongoing work to address inequities in research and publishing shares our recent progress and plans for the rest of 2022.
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    Lab Life: When your PhD (almost) falls apart

    Dominik Refardt
    As a chance observation threatens to unravel several years of work, a PhD student must choose what to do next.
  9. Webinar Report: Disability and Inclusion in Science Spaces

    Our speakers discussed true inclusion in research environments, through working together to address the challenges that researchers with disabilities and/or chronic pain face in the world of science.
  10. eLife Latest: We support Publish Your Reviews, a new initiative from ASAPbio

    In another move to open up the scholarly discussion of new findings, ASAPbio launches Publish Your Reviews today, encouraging reviewers to post their comments alongside the preprint versions of articles.