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  1. Early-career researcher travel grants 2019 – terms and conditions

    eLife is pleased to offer a travel grant programme whereby the early-stage researcher on an eLife paper may be funded to present their work at a meeting of their choice to get the exposure and recognition in their field.
  2. Early-Career Travel Grants: Applications open for 2019

    As eLife opens the fourth edition of the travel grants programme, we share some insights to help researchers prepare stronger applications.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Meeting Report: At the forefront of gene regulation

    James Manley (Columbia University, USA), Carol Prives (Columbia University, USA) and Kevin Struhl (Harvard Medical School, USA) discussed the latest work in the field of gene regulation.
  3. Peer Review: First results from a trial at eLife

    New approach to peer review proves popular with authors, with very similar acceptance rates for male and female last authors, but with higher acceptance rates for late-career researchers compared to their early- and mid-career colleagues.
  4. eLife Latest: 12 days of eLife

    From zombie flies to a new twist on peer review, browse some of the top news, commentaries and research from eLife this year.
  5. Meeting Report: Changing the culture of scholarly communication

    eLife board member Dr. Prachee Avasthi led a lively evening debate in Cambridge, UK.
  6. Webinar Report: Arts in science communication

    How can researchers combine the arts with their science?
  7. Meeting Report: Improving research culture

    Mark Patterson, Executive Director at eLife reflects on a recent meeting at the Royal Society.
  8. eLife Latest: Highlighting meta-research

    A new collection page brings together articles that eLife has published in the burgeoning field of meta-research.
  9. Webinar Report: Private funding in science

    How can early-career researchers attract funding from non-governmental sources?