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  1. Event Report: Evolutionary Medicine Symposium

    eLife authors showcase their research from the Evolutionary Medicine Special Issue – watch now.
    1. Medicine

    eLife Latest: Our expanded editorial team in medicine

    eLife has recruited more than 60 new editors in different areas of medical research.
  2. eLife Ambassadors: A year on, the networks and their activities continue

    Our former community Ambassadors continue to drive change, innovate solutions and advocate responsible behaviours across science.
  3. Webinar Report: eLife and the Future of Preprints

    On November 4 2021, eLife, Sciety, and PREreview discussed the future of science communications with Australian researchers, as part of the Monash University Preprint events series hosted by Dr. Senthil Arumugam.
  4. Privacy Notice: List of Early Career Researchers for Authors

    Details related to the data held and processed by eLife about members of the early-career reviewer pool.
  5. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Announcing the winners for 2021

    10 researchers have been recognised with awards to catalyse change and unlock new opportunities for their research and careers.
  6. Webinar Report: Becoming an eLife Community Ambassador

    Watch back as our panelists discuss the role of an eLife Community Ambassador and hear all about the upcoming Ambassadors programme for 2022.
  7. eLife Latest: Including “Ideas and Speculation” in eLife papers

    Read about our new (optional) section in which authors may freely speculate about the meaning and implications of their data.
  8. Webinar Report: The "science of science" - using meta-research to make research more transparent and reproducible

    Watch back as our panelists explore ways that you can use meta-research, or the science of science, to make research more transparent, rigorous and reproducible.
  9. eLife Ambassadors: An invitation to take part in 2022

    Early-career researchers who wish to join the third edition of our community learning and advocacy programme can apply by November 7, 2021.