Inside eLife


  1. Webinar Report: The "science of science" - using meta-research to make research more transparent and reproducible

    Watch back as our panelists explore ways that you can use meta-research, or the science of science, to make research more transparent, rigorous and reproducible.
  2. eLife Ambassadors: An invitation to take part in 2022

    Early-career researchers who wish to join the third edition of our community learning and advocacy programme can apply by November 7, 2021.
  3. eLife Latest: Welcoming our newest early-career reviewers in Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    New early-career reviewers will support eLife’s Public Review process.
  4. Privacy Notice: eLife Community Ambassadors Programme

    Details related to the data held and processed as part of applications to the eLife Community Ambassadors Programme
  5. Special Issue: Call for papers on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer prevention, control, care and survivorship

    eLife is pleased to announce a new Special Issue, curating timely research in this important area of public health.
  6. Annual Report: 2020 in review

    We reflect on eLife’s efforts to drive change in scientific and medical publishing during an eventful year.
  7. Event Report: Computational and Systems Biology Symposium

    Watch back leading computational and systems biology researchers presenting their work and showcasing the breadth of themes within this subject area.
  8. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Applications open for 2021

    This year’s awards are our most inclusive to date, offering funds of up to $6,000 to support the work of researchers from underrepresented backgrounds and countries with limited funding.
  9. eLife Latest: July 2021 update on our actions to promote equity, diversity and inclusion

    In the second of our twice-yearly reports, we outline the progress and ongoing work at eLife to tackle inequalities in research and publishing.
  10. Journal Policy: eLife partners with national laboratories around more inclusive name-change process

    A new partnership between publishers and institutions is set to lessen the administrative and emotional burden on researchers who wish to change their names in their published works.