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  1. eLife's New Model: Funders support use of reviewed preprints in research assessment

    Funders and other research organisations are embracing reviewed preprints as an alternative way to assess researchers, and call on others to do the same.
    1. Medicine

    Special Issue: Call for papers in reproductive health

    Submit to our latest Special Issue which will showcase exciting research in reproductive biology and medicine.
  2. eLife Latest: Welcoming our newest editors in Latin America

    eLife’s representation in Latin America more than triples as over 40 researchers based across the region join our editorial board.
  3. Technology at eLife: 10 years of innovation

    eLife has worked on several significant open-source technologies over the last 10 years, and is working today on building the ‘publish, review, curate’ ecosystem of the future.
  4. Anniversary Highlights: 10 years of eLife

    Celebrate 10 years of eLife with this special collection of content that looks back over the last decade in science, and forwards to what’s to come.
  5. eLife’s New Model: Changing the way you share your research

    From next year, eLife is eliminating accept/reject decisions after peer review, instead focusing on public reviews and assessments of preprints.
  6. eLife's New Model: What is an eLife assessment?

    eLife is changing its editorial process to eliminate accept/reject decisions after peer review and instead provide readers with richer and more nuanced assessments of articles.
  7. 2022 eLife Community Ambassadors: Ready for action

    After completing their learning, awareness and community-building phase, our global group of early-career researchers are now eager to make change across research culture.
  8. eLife Ambassadors: Partnering with the Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research

    The partnership will allow the eLife Ambassadors and the Einstein Foundation Berlin to promote wider discussions around responsible research behaviours.
  9. Webinar Report: Science policy in action

    Following on from August’s webinar, a fresh panel of speakers expand on the real-world applications of science policy and effective communication to policymakers.