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eLife at FOCIS | June 2022

The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies Annual Meeting brings together clinicians and researchers across the field of translational immunology.
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We’re pleased to be sponsoring a Trainee Award at the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies Annual Meeting (FOCIS), taking place June 21-24 in San Francisco, California. FOCIS is at the forefront of meetings in translational immunology with leading clinicians and researchers presenting the latest breakthroughs across the field. If you are attending, don't miss eLife Senior Editor, Tada Taniguchi, of the University of Tokyo who will be delivering one of three keynote presentations at the conference.

The FCE Fusion Trainee Award will allow selected trainees to receive complimentary registration and travel support for the conference. The trainees who are supported will also have the opportunity to present their abstract during an event on the first day of the meeting.

At eLife we are interested in studies that provide new insights into the development and function of the immune system and inflammatory processes. We also welcome studies on associated human diseases, new therapeutic strategies, and development of new methodologies or interdisciplinary studies that integrate immunology and inflammation with other research fields. For scientists in this field, we’d encourage you to submit your next preprint to eLife for review. You can find out more about eLife's unique review process in the author guide.


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