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Open-source Bazaar: Ensuring independent, open infrastructure in the age of acquisitions

Join us for a pre-meeting seminar at the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting. A panel of speakers will discuss how community-owned infrastructure is growing.
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Where: Society for Scholarly Publishing 41st Annual Meeting | San Diego, USA
When: 8.30–11.30AM

With critical infrastructures like hosting platforms and manuscript submissions systems being acquired by large commercial publishers, smaller and society publishers wonder what other curve balls the future will bring. Will end to end workflow solutions lock them in? Or will such monopolies lock them out from participation? Community-owned infrastructure can be an answer. More and more open source collaborations are maturing and entering the ecosystem.

Other initiatives are emerging as service partners to help small players who lack technical resources or who simply aren’t interested in running a solution themselves. This informational and interactive session seeks to bring community-owned and governed initiatives with those exploring future alternatives to infrastructure consolidation.

Open-source solutions represented include:

  • Collaborative Knowledge Foundation
  • Hypothesis
  • Ubiquity
  • eLife
  • Coko
  • Hindawi
  • Fulcrum
  • DataCite
  • Center for Open Science
  • CrossRef
  • PLOS

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