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Reproducibility and Data Reuse in Life Science

We invite you to watch a live stream of the workshop co-organised with SciLifeLab.
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In collaboration with SciLifeLab Data Centre, eLife will livestream full proceedings of this workshop on reproducibility and data reuse in life sciences. Taking place 9am–4.30pm CEST, the focus for the day will be on good research practices for data reuse, how to conduct and communicate your work to maximise reproducibility.

Nine speakers will run sessions throughout the day. This includes Emmy Tsang, Innovation Community Manager at eLife who will be discussing reproducibility in publishing. Her session will cover existing tools available to researchers that support reproducibility, as well as our current project to create an open, scalable infrastructure for the publication of computationally reproducible articles.

Full schedule

Session 1 | Tools for reproducibility

09.40 – 10.00am | Introduction to reproducible research, Leif Väremo Wigge, NBIS

10.00 – 11.15am | Toolbox for reproducible research – version control, environment and workflow managers, computational notebooks, and containers, John Sundh and Leif Väremo Wigge, NBIS

11.15 – 11.30am | Wrapup – Tools for reproducibility, Leif Väremo Wigge, NBIS

Session 2 | Publishing and open science

12.30-1.15pm | Reproducible publishing, Emmy Tsang, eLife

1.15-1.45pm | Data management and repositories, Niclas Jareborg, NBIS

1.45-2.10pm | Open data publishing, Santa Halling, VR

2.10-2.50pm | Making data publishing meritable, Mark Hahnel, Figshare

Session 3 | Reuse of published data

3.20-3.50pm | Novel and upcoming approaches for data reuse, Huajin Wang, Carnegie Mellon University

3.50-4.20pm | A case study of data reuse: using past AMR surveillance data for new analysis, Liam Shaw, University of Oxford

4.20-4.50 pm | Research Data Support in Sweden, Representatives from Swedish universities

For more information, visit the SciLifeLab website.

The event will be available for live streaming below:


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