Sciety welcomes ASAPbio–SciELO Preprints crowd review for the evaluation of Brazilian-Portuguese preprints

The introduction of the first non-English group on Sciety reflects the teams’ shared values of diversity and inclusivity in research communication.
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Sciety is pleased to announce the first non-English group to bring open review and curation to the platform: ASAPbio–SciELO Preprints crowd review. Based in Brazil, the group reviews preprints relating to infectious disease research that are posted on the SciELO Preprints server in Brazilian Portuguese.

Developed by a team within the non-profit initiative eLife, Sciety brings together the latest biomedical and life science preprints that are transparently evaluated and curated by communities of experts in one convenient place. Sciety forms a major part of eLife’s vision for a future where a diverse, global community of scientists produces open and trusted results for the benefit of all – the organisation’s ‘publish, review, curate’ mission that puts preprints first.

Current groups sharing evaluated preprints on Sciety include eLife, Biophysics Colab, the Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium, Peer Community In, PREreview and more. ASAPbio–SciELO Preprints crowd review now joins these communities, sharing its values of diversity and inclusivity in scholarly communication with those of eLife and Sciety.

Godwyns Onwuchekwa, eLife Head of Communities, says: “We’re delighted to welcome ASAPbio–SciELO Preprints crowd review to Sciety. Our work involves opening up opportunities for more researchers, including those from communities traditionally underrepresented in science, to participate in the open review of preprints. As our first non-English group, ASAPbio–SciELO Preprints crowd review represents an important milestone towards our vision for a world where research is published as soon as possible and benefits from the contribution of a truly diverse scientific workforce.”

The SciELO Preprints server is an integral part of SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), a bibliographic database, digital library and cooperative electronic publishing model of open-access journals. Earlier in 2022, SciELO Preprints became a collaborator in ASAPbio’s crowd preprint review, an initiative to help foster public feedback on research posted as preprints. Public reviews contributed by SciELO Preprints and other collaborators in this initiative are also available to read on Sciety.

Alex Mendonça, Online Submission and Preprints Coordinator at SciELO, says: “We’re excited to join an application that represents the values we look for in open review. Our work with ASAPbio allowed us to participate and contribute more voices to the public review of preprints. Becoming a group on Sciety is the next step, allowing us to collate and share our evaluated preprints with a wider audience in one dedicated space.”

Iratxe Puebla, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community at ASAPbio, adds: “Through this collaboration with our crowd preprint review initiative, SciELO Preprints makes a valuable contribution in the review of a wide range of infectious disease preprints in Portuguese. We’re glad this group now has a place on Sciety to share its evaluated preprints alongside other expert communities making new research more accessible to all.”

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