Materials for publishers on eLife Continuum

We discuss the features, requirements and capabilities of our new publishing platform, eLife Continuum, with the publishing community.

Following the recent open-source release of our new publishing platform, eLife held a webinar to introduce the software and to discuss its features, requirements and capabilities with the publishing community.

In the webinar, Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology, included a step-by-step guide to how eLife Continuum works, with a live demonstration of the publishing process, and Giuliano Maciocci, Head of Product, mentioned upcoming innovations already underway at eLife. To find out more about future developments, please sign up to our technology and innovation newsletter.

The source code of eLife Continuum is now openly available at eLife’s GitHub repository. Anyone interested in exploring the new publishing platform can start by reviewing the documentation. We have also included the webinar slides.

We invite publishers and developers to join our discussion forum, to ask questions and share their thoughts about eLife Continuum. The answers to the questions from the webinar have already been included in this discussion.

Watch the recording of the “Introducing eLife Continuum” webinar to learn more.