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Dear Colleagues,

We’ve published the first articles foreLife– the anticipated new open-access journal from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society, and the Wellcome Trust – ahead of the launch of the journal Web site, which is expected for this winter. Please take a look at our inaugural release and consider whether your next paper could be a fit for the high-caliber scienceeLifeseeks to deliver.

Our initial collection of content covers a broad range of topics, reflecting our goal to encompass biomedical and life science as thoroughly as possible.eLife’s first articles include:

  • A bacterial sulfonolipid triggers multicellular development in the closest living relatives of animals - Rosanna A Alegado, Laura W Brown, Shugeng Cao, Renee K Dermenjian, Richard Zuzow, Stephen R Fairclough, Jon Clardy, Nicole King
  • Herbivory-induced volatiles function as defenses increasing fitness of the native plant Nicotiana attenuata in nature- Meredith C Schuman, Kathleen Barthel, Ian Baldwin
  • The unfolded protein response in fission yeast modulates stability of select mRNAs to maintain protein homeostasis - Philipp Kimmig, Marcy Diaz, Jiashun Zheng, Christopher C Williams, Alexander Lang, Tomas Aragón, Hao Li, Peter Walter
  • The starvation hormone, fibroblast growth factor-21, extends lifespan in mice - Yuan Zhang, Yang Xie, Eric D Berglund, Katie Colbert Coate, Tian Teng He, Takeshi Katafuchi, Guanghua Xiao, Matthew J Potthoff, Wei Wei, Yihong Wan, Ruth T Yu, Ronald M Evans, Steven Kliewer, David Mangelsdorf

The articles are listed at, where you will find links to the full articles on PubMed Central. You can expect further releases of research articles in the coming weeks.

Our motivations for releasing these papers ahead of the launch of our journal Web site are described in theeLifeinaugural editorial, also available through the link above.

As you can see,eLifewill indeed be a venue for outstanding advances. We hope you’ll consider us for your next very exciting paper. You’ll receive an initial response from one of our senior editors in usually less than five days, and – should your paper be accepted – it will cost nothing to publish.

For further information on the eLife initiative to change scientific publishing, the journal, our review process, and how to submit, visit

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be happy to hear.


Randy Schekman

HHMI Investigator

Editor-in-Chief, eLife

Dept. of Mol. and Cell Biology

Li Ka Shing Center

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-3370