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We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the eLife editorial team. They bring strong expertise in each of their areas and will help us maintain the efficient and constructive editorial process that eLife is known for.

We are welcoming new members to both our Senior Editorial team and the Board of Reviewing Editors (BRE). eLife’s Senior editors have responsibility to determine whether initial submissions should be sent for peer review, typically in consultation with members of the BRE, and for those selected for review they assign papers to an appropriate BRE member. The BRE members review articles, along with additional reviewers as needed. What sets the eLife editorial process apart from conventional journals is that the BRE members and reviewers consult with one another before a final decision is made and send a consolidated set of comments to the author. Learn all about the eLife editorial process on our website.

The newest Senior editors are:

Vivek Malhotra

Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Sean Morrison

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre, USA

Developmental Biology and Stem Cells; Human Biology and Medicine

Aviv Regev

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Genomics and Evolutionary Biology

Diethard Tautz

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany

Genomics and Evolutionary Biology

The newest members of our Board of Reviewing Editors include:

Quarraisha Abdool Karim

University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Epidemiology and global health

Edo Airoldi

Harvard University, USA

Cell biology

Naama Barkai

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Genomics and evolutionary biology

Marlene Bartos

University of Freiburg, Germany


Douglas Black

University of California – Los Angeles, USA

Biochemistry, Genes and chromosomes

Alexander Borst

Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Germany


Xuetao Cao

Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China


Matteo Carandini

University College London, UK


Arup Chakraborty

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Biophysics and structural biology

Bernard De Massy

Institute of Human Genetics, France

Genes and chromosomes

Ronald Germain

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA


Stephen Goff

Columbia University, USA

Microbiology, Immunology

Michael Green

University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

Genes and chromosomes, Human Biology and medicine

Stephen Harrison

Harvard Medical School, USA

Biophysics and structural biology

Ramanujan Hegde

Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK


Gerhard Hummer

Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Germany

Biophysics and structural biology

Mark Jit

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Epidemiology and global health, Microbiology and infectious disease

Frank Jülicher

Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany

Biophysics and structural biology

Merijn Kant

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ecology, Genomics and evolutionary biology

Stephen Kowalczykowski

University of California, Davis, USA

Biochemistry, Biophysics and structural biology, Genes and chromosomes

Catherine Kyobutungi

African Population and Health Research Centre, Kenya

Epidemiology and global health

Bruno Lemaitre

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Genomics and evolutionary biology

Wenhui Li

National Institute of Biological Sciences, China

Biochemistry, Microbiology and infectious disease

Ewa Paluch

University College London, UK

Biophysics and structural biology

Satyajit Rath

National Institute of Immunology, India

Developmental biology and stem cells

Bing Ren

University of California, San Diego, USA

Genes and chromosomes

Ali Shilatifard

Stowers Institute for Medical Research, USA

Biochemistry, genes and chromosomes

Wenying Shou

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, USA

Ecology, Genomics and evolutionary biology

Sarah Teichmann

European Bioinformatics Institute, UK

Genomics and evolutionary biology

Stephen West

London Research Institute, UK

Genes and chromosomes

Nicholas White

Mahidol University, Thailand

Microbiology and infectious disease

All the eLife editorial team members, along with details of their expertise, are listed on our website .

Finally, we wish to thank the former members of the Board for their invaluable contributions in helping to establish eLife as a strong and innovative new journal and being among the first to execute our transformative approach to peer review – especially Joseph Goldstein and Xiaodong Wang, who served as eLife Senior editors.

2013 – Jim Allison, Dora Angelaki, Andrea Ballabio, Arul Chinnaiyan, Bob Darnell, Peter Edwards, Bruce Goode, Greg Hannon, Nat Heintz, Jules Hoffman, Brigid Hogan, Barbara Imperiali, Steve Jackson, Salim Abdool Karim, Anthonio Lanzavecchia, Ruth Lehmann, John Mattick, Sam Pfaff, Rama Ranganathan, Yigong Shi, Misha Tsodyks, Victor Velculescu, Xiao-Jing Wang

eLife editors are invited to join eLife by the Editor-in-Chief, after consultation with appropriate Deputy, Senior, and Reviewing editors.