Early-Career Advisory Group: An invitation to be an eLife Ambassador

eLife invites early-career researchers to become eLife Ambassadors and support our efforts to improve the way science is performed and communicated.

Become an eLife Ambassador for 2017–2018

At eLife we aim to accelerate discovery by operating a platform for research communication that encourages and recognises the most responsible behaviours in science. The Early-Career Advisory Group (ECAG) plays an important role in this by helping eLife to stay in tune with, and respond to, the needs and aspirations of grad students, medical students, postdocs and junior PIs. To support this work the ECAG is now looking to recruit early-career researchers to become eLife Ambassadors.

Who should become an eLife Ambassador?

An eLife Ambassador believes that responsible behaviours in science should be recognised and rewarded, and that a change in culture is required. As an Ambassador, you will take this shared vision to your community and engage it in advancing these goals.

The Ambassador identifies pressing issues faced by researchers and assists in implementing changes to improve the situation. You will be at the interface between your community and the eLife ECAG. We hope that you will support the ECAG’s initiatives and actions, get involved with our webinars, disseminate materials and help develop and implement strategies to improve science communication. For example, the ECAG recently acted to support training in peer review, preprint journal clubs and tools that improve reproducibility in research.

eLife Ambassadors will serve a one-year term, beginning January 5, 2018.

What will eLife Ambassadors do?

By joining eLife, you will be welcomed to a diverse, global community working together to achieve our goals. We will equip you to communicate effectively about our shared aims and offer support for your own initiatives – such as journal clubs, seminars, peer support groups and other activities. If you are already involved in promoting good practices in science, you will be able to draw on our support to further your goals and scale your efforts. If you are tech-minded, you will have the chance to interact with our innovation team to introduce novel, open-source solutions for publishing, such as ScienceFair and ReFigure.

You will be able to interact with the ECAG on a regular basis during the year, network with other Ambassadors worldwide and report on your progress and challenges.

Come work with us to help the whole scientific community change what we value in science.


The call is open for graduate or postgraduate students, postdocs, and group leaders less than 5 years independence.

Sign up here before November 22, 2017. The roster of eLife Ambassadors for 2018 will be confirmed and announced by January 5, 2018.

Have questions? Feel free to email Emmanuelle Vire, Founding Member of the ECAG, at e [dot] vire [at] ucl.ac.uk, or Steven Burgess, Editorial Community Manager, at s [dot] burgess [at] elifesciences.org.

E. Vire and S. Burgess.

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