One hundred eLife digests shared on Medium

eLife has now shared plain-language summaries for one hundred eLife articles on the blog-publishing platform Medium.
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Since December 2014, eLife has republished a selection of eLife digests – the non-technical summaries that are part of all Research Articles in the journal – on Now, 100 eLife digests have been shared on Medium, covering a broad range of scientific fields – from cell biology and neuroscience, to ecology and medicine.

eLife digests are written to clearly explain the main findings of each Research Article for a broader audience, and to provide the relevant background to put these findings into a wider context.

“We started sharing eLife digests on Medium to help more people to discover them, and we’re very pleased to see that the number of people interested in digests on Medium just keeps on growing.” — Stuart King, an Assistant Features Editor at eLife.

Some of the most-read digests on Medium include: one about a study that asked if an anti-diabetic drug could be used to treat cancers; another about neuroscience research that reported that people sniff their hands after a handshake; and one that reported on a search for the genes that helped the earliest animals to evolve from single-celled ancestors.

eLife will continue to share more digests on Medium, and add to the growing collection of great stories on the site. The first 100 eLife digests on Medium can be read here, and you can also follow us on Medium or check out #eLIFEdigest on Twitter to find out when we share more stories in future.