eLife Latest: Our thanks to Anna Akhmanova

After serving eLife as Deputy Editor since 2018, we extend our thanks to Anna Akhmanova for her contributions.
Anna Akhmanova

Anna Akhmanova, a member of eLife’s editorial board since 2015, and Deputy Editor since 2018, is stepping down from her role. From the beginning of her time at eLife, Anna has been a strong advocate for improving the peer-review process, and has brought her extensive experience and passion to her role. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to Anna for her service, and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

A Professor of Cell Biology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands), Anna’s research on the microtubule cytoskeleton has resulted in the identification and characterisation of a broad variety of factors which control microtubule organisation and dynamics. Anna’s role as Deputy Editor has seen her responsible for helping to manage and assign submissions to eLife’s Senior Editors across the life sciences and medicine. Anna has worked diligently to ensure that eLife’s core values are upheld, helping to design policies and processes that ensure fairness and inclusiveness in peer review. In particular, Anna has been a vocal supporter for early-career researchers at eLife, championing the importance of providing them with training and credit for their contributions to the review process.

Mike Eisen, eLife Editor-in-Chief, says: “Anna has been a great asset to eLife in her role as Deputy Editor, providing valuable expertise and insights for more than five years. As a long-time member of the team, she has worked hard to promote our reputation for fair and consultative peer review, and contributed greatly in many other areas of our work so far – not least of all our support for early-stage researchers. She is a loss to eLife, but we’ll continue to feel her influence in our work for a long time to come.”


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