Anniversary Highlights: 10 years of eLife

Celebrate 10 years of eLife with this special collection of content that looks back over the last decade in science, and forwards to what’s to come.

eLife published its first articles in October 2012 and has continued to innovate, challenge the traditional journal publishing system, and work to improve how research is practised and shared ever since.

We are celebrating these 10 years with this special collection of content, created and curated by eLife staff. Read on below as we look back at the milestones and changes that have come to pass in the last 10 years, both in science and at eLife, as well as looking to the future and what’s coming next.

Our logo celebrates 10 years of eLife

A party emoji where the face is the eLife icon and where the party popper would be says eLife

To mark this significant milestone, we decided to create a special 10-year edition of the eLife logo. As eLife’s executive staff are an important part of the organisation, we ran an internal competition to come up with the design. The winning logo (by Rowena Walton) includes elements from a well-known celebratory emoji: :partying_face: 🥳 . By incorporating these in the brand colours, it added a sense of fun and celebration as we look back and celebrate 10 years of eLife.
Naushin Thomson, Senior Production Assistant

Hidden Gems: A collection of articles

Staff at eLife have curated 10 papers from our archive that showcase just some of the incredible and exciting research we receive on a daily basis. These manuscripts offer a taste of the brilliant work and broad range of topics and disciplines within eLife's scope, and each article is accompanied by an Insight article which explains why the results reported in the paper are significant in a given field of research.
Emma Smith, Journal Development Editor

A selection of striking images from our articles

Photo mosaic by: eLife @ Mosaically

Over the years, eLife authors have been sending us ‘striking images’ that illustrate their articles. These images range from microscopy images to illustrations, from photographs of animals and plants to renderings of protein structures. We have used these images to decorate our homepage, share on social media and accompany eLife digests. On the event of eLife’s 10 year anniversary, we wanted to bring some of these images together to show that they are part of what makes eLife.
Helena Pérez Valle, Associate Features Editor, and Naushin Thomson, Senior Production Assistant

Talking Points: A Features Collection

“Talking Points" was born out of an idea to celebrate eLife’s 10 year anniversary by looking forward, instead of back. We decided to interview scientists from around the world about topics that will impact science for years to come. The series of conversations sheds light on a variety of topics, from challenges in publishing research, and equality, diversity and inclusion in academia, to how we can use science to predict the future and the importance of global health.
eLife Features Team

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Technology at eLife: 10 years of innovation

Paul Shannon, Head of Technology and Innovation explores the significant products worked on at eLife over the last decade to show how the approach to openness, the feedback from the community and the changes in methods of collaboration have all contributed to the way we’re building technology for the ‘publish, review, curate’ (PRC) ecosystem today.
Paul Shannon, Head of Technology and Innovation and Shane Alsop, Community Manager - Outreach

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eLife through the ages: A timeline

eLife has seen many innovations and milestones over the past decade – from its inception by funders the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society and Wellcome, to our recent announcement about all eLife reviewed papers being published as Reviewed Preprints, and everything in between.
Rachel Tonkin, Marketing Manager

Take a look back at the past decade with our timeline.

Looking forwards: eLife's New Model

Having looked back at eLife, now's the time to look forward. We announced that from next year, all papers reviewed by eLife will be published as a Reviewed Preprint with an eLife assessment, and public reviews. This essentially eliminates the accept/reject decision and shifts the focus from where research is published to what is published. It also puts control into the hands of the author.
The eLife Team

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This collection has been curated by:

  • Rachel Tonkin, Marketing Manager
  • Shane Alsop, Community Manager - Outreach
  • Lena Dowdall, Office and Human Resources Manager
  • Vikki Gooch, Office and Finance Assistant
  • Daniel Haarhoff, Software Engineer –- Tools and Infrastructure
  • Nathan Lisgo, Staff Engineer
  • Milly McConnell, Editorial Manager
  • Helena Pérez Valle, Associate Features Editor
  • Emma Smith, Journal Development Editor
  • Naushin Thomas, Senior Production Assistant


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