Media coverage: December roundup of eLife papers in the news

High-profile news coverage that eLife papers generated in December 2017, including the Financial Times, Science and The Hindu.
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In our latest monthly media coverage roundup, we highlight the top mentions that eLife papers generated in December. You can view the coverage, along with the related research articles, below:

Nakano et al.’s Research Article, ‘Glucose inhibits cardiac muscle maturation through nucleotide biosynthesis’, was mentioned in:

  • The Independent – Obesity epidemic puts more pressure on already struggling maternity units, midwives say

Harrap et al.’s Research Article, ‘The diversity of floral temperature patterns, and their use by pollinators’, was featured in:

Vahdat et al.’s Research Article, ‘Network-wide reorganization of procedural memory during NREM sleep revealed by fMRI’, was mentioned in:

Mhatre et al.’s Research Article, ‘Tree crickets optimize the acoustics of baffles to exaggerate their mate-attraction signal’, was featured in:

The Research Article by Yu Shi and Fanxin Long, ‘Hedgehog signaling via Gli2 prevents obesity induced by high-fat diet in adult mice’, was covered in:

Lagator et al.’s Research Article, ‘On the mechanistic nature of epistasis in a canonical cis-regulatory element’, was covered in:

The Tools and Resources article by Zaaijer et al., ‘Rapid re-identification of human samples using portable DNA sequencing’, was mentioned in:

  • The Financial Express (India) – DNA deciphering: Why this new research will draw privacy activists’ ire
  • The Indian Express – New system can identity people from their DNA in minutes
  • The Hindu – This software can identify people from their DNA in minutes
  • Digital Trends – In just a few minutes, this software can verify your identity from a bit of DNA

Heintzman et al.’s Research Article, ‘A new genus of horse from Pleistocene North America’, was featured in:

  • PLOS Blogs – Fossil Friday Roundup: December 1, 2017
  • Der Standard – Surprise: Ice Age Animal was not quite a horse

Robert et al.’s Research Article, ‘Sequestration and activation of plant toxins protect the western corn rootworm from enemies at multiple trophic levels’, was picked up in:

  • Der Standard – Why a dangerous bioinvasion with worms is unstoppable (translated)

And Whitford et al.’s Research Article, ‘Neurophysiological evidence of efference copies to inner speech’, was covered in:

  • The Irish Examiner – Talking to yourself? Here’s the science behind that little voice in your head

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