Early-career reviewers: Opportunities for structural biologists and molecular biophysicists

eLife is recruiting early-career researchers to review manuscripts in Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics; closing date is 17 June.

eLife is looking for early-career researchers who are interested in reviewing manuscripts in Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics. We invite postdocs and independent investigators who have been running their own group for less than five years to apply to join our pool of early-career reviewers and learn more about the process of peer review.

The eLife early-career reviewer pool was established in 2016, with support from the eLife Early-Career Advisory Group (ECAG), and the current call builds upon similar initiatives in the past, including a call for early-career reviewers in Evolutionary Biology and Genomics.

eLife receives submissions in many areas of Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics, including, but not limited to, the following: structure, function and dynamics of soluble and membrane proteins; protein folding and supramolecular organization; protein-lipid interactions and membrane remodelling; and phase separation and self-sorting phenomena. Manuscripts report a wide range of experimental and computational approaches, including: X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM; NMR, EPR and fluorescence spectroscopies; single-molecule optical and mechanical methods; molecular simulation and structural modelling.

Reviewers are chosen on a per-paper basis at eLife, based on a range of considerations, so it is not possible to say how many manuscripts any member of the pool be asked to review. However, now is an exciting time to be involved with eLife as the new "publish, then review" approach to publishing is rolled out and "public reviews" are posted to preprints. Moreover, in partnership with PREreview, we will offer training in peer review to new members of the pool. There is no limit on the number of people we can add to the pool.

Early-career researchers from all backgrounds with relevant research experience are invited to apply using the form below; the closing date for applications is June 17. Applications will be reviewed by two eLife Senior Editors (Volker Dötsch and José Faraldo-Gómez) and six Reviewing Editors (Andrew Carter, Qiang Cui, Aaron Frank, Joanne Lemieux, Rina Rosenzweig and Maria Spies).

Update: The deadline for this focused call has now passed, however, the pool is continuously growing. Postdoctoral researchers and early-stage group leaders can apply to join it. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and overseen by Reviewing Editors.


We welcome comments, questions and feedback. Please annotate publicly on the article or contact us at hello [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

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