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The following is a quick round up of eLife developments, which was sent to our news subscribers. Didn't receive a copy? Subscribe to eLife News now. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

eLife online Open House - video now online

On September 12, we hosted an online open house to share details on the development of the eLife initiative. A recording of the 50-minute event is now online. Take a look at the video and tweet your comments through #eLifeopen and see the video here: http://www.elifesciences.org/open-house-video-now-online/.

Behind the scenes: How we're developing the eLife research article PDF

With every step at eLife we try to keep in mind these things: 1) the needs of our users, 2) the need for a fresh approach, and 3) looking to the most reliable online sources for inspiration. These factors have inspired some interesting departures from traditional scientific publishing practice. View our development at http://www.elifesciences.org/elife-research-article-in-pdf/.

Production: The eLife method and methodology of data collection

Production is largely an invisible part of the publishing process. For many people it's a box through which content has to progress between peer review and publication. Learn more about some of the ways in which our approach to data collection is helping to integrate stages in the publication process here http://www.elifesciences.org/data-collection/.

Berkeley Lab Scientists Create First 3-D Model of a Protein Critical to Embryo Development (from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

This paper has been accepted toeLifeand made openly available by the authors. From the press release: "The first detailed and complete picture of a protein complex that is tied to human birth defects as well as the progression of many forms of cancer has been obtained by an international team of researchers led by scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). Knowing the architecture of this protein, PRC2, for Polycomb Repressive Complex 2, should be a boon to its future use in the development of new and improved therapeutic drugs." Read more: http://www.elifesciences.org/berkeley-lab-scientists-create-first-3-d-model-of-a-protein-critical-to-embryo-development-berkeley-lab/

Find eLife at the #SFN12 annual meeting in New Orleans next week

We'll be in the exhibit hall (booth 130). See the details at http://www.sfn.org/am2012/.

This month on Twitter with @eLife_sciences: CERN goes open access

Join us. https://twitter.com/elife_sciences

Send your papers now

Now is the time to submit your very best work for consideration by the much anticipated journal being launched by three of the world’s most prestigious biomedical research funders: eLife. Hear more from editor-in-chief Randy Schekman at http://www.elifesciences.org/send-your-papers-now.

Questions & answers

We’ve posted eLife answers to important questions about our launch date, post-docs, open-access publishers, funding relationships, and more. Take a look at http://www.elifesciences.org/about/frequently-asked-questions.

eLife News will be published periodically throughout 2012 to update subscribers on the development of the anticipated eLife journal. Questions and comments related to the content may be addressed to media@elifesciences.org or through http://www.elifesciences.org/contact.

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