In Publishing: The latest on the open-source publishing platform Libero

An update on the development of eLife’s publishing suite, what’s next, and how publishers, libraries and developers can get involved.

With this open-source, community-owned approach, you own your infrastructure and you can choose to use any service provider you like.

In a webinar on March 11, the team at eLife gave an update on Libero Publisher – one component of the open-source publishing technology suite eLife is building – and how publishers, libraries and developers can collaborate on the project.

What’s next?

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More about Libero

Libero encompasses the open-source, end-to-end publishing workflow that eLife is developing, both for its own purposes and to help other organisations looking to modernise and increase efficiency for their operations. Current projects that fall under the Libero umbrella include Libero Reviewer (being developed in concert with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) and others), the content production tool Texture (developed with Substance Software GmbH), and Libero Publisher (eLife’s content delivery platform).

Community-driven and also open-source, Libero Publisher presents content in a responsive online format that is easy to access and inviting to read on any device and is straightforward to integrate with other services that enhance the reader’s interaction with published literature. The software is built from the ground up, with a modular architecture and reusable, state-of-the-art, accessible front-end patterns that let anyone inspired by the eLife journal website to recreate its user-driven, user-research-backed experience.

While Libero Publisher was originally developed by eLife, the organisation has partnered with Coko, Hindawi Limited and Digirati to develop the latest version of the platform. Our collective aim is to facilitate its adoption by other organisations and expand a high-quality, cost-effective and open infrastructure as an alternative to more expensive proprietary systems.

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