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eLife is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief to lead our efforts to improve the communication of new research findings across the life and biomedical sciences.
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Closing date for applications is October 28, 2018.

eLife, the non-profit organisation launched and supported by research funders to improve science publishing, is looking for an Editor-in-Chief. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Editor-in-Chief is the public champion and leader of eLife, responsible for eLife’s goals as an open-access publisher of excellent science, a developer of new tools and technology, and a voice for change. The successful candidate will have a strong reputation among life and biomedical scientists – as a researcher, collaborator, and mentor – as well as experience in journal publishing and a commitment to improving it. This is a rare and important opportunity to contribute to the evolution of how research is communicated and evaluated, and to serve as a progressive force in scientific publishing.

Experience and attributes

  • Highly regarded figure in the life and biomedical sciences, with a strong track record of research accomplishment
  • Demonstrable commitment to improving research communication
  • A reputation as a generous and respectful collaborator
  • Extensive editorial experience in journal publishing
  • A supportive mentor who has consistently helped early-career scientists in their development
  • Experience of community leadership and service (chairing committees, participation in panels, staff management)
  • Outstanding skills as a communicator and negotiator

Specific responsibilities

  • Ensuring that eLife publishes papers of the highest scientific standards and quality across the life and biomedical sciences
  • Representing eLife and advocating for our mission and ambitions, including increased access to research, reforming research evaluation, and the use of new technology in research communication
  • Having final say on major editorial or policy issues (e.g. journal scope, experimentation, publishing ethics)
  • Supporting and contributing to eLife’s efforts to extend the understanding of the new research (e.g. eLife’s Digests and related content)
  • Supporting the active engagement of early-career researchers in eLife’s work

Terms and conditions

The Editor-in-Chief is a paid, part-time position with an expected commitment of at least 10 hours per week*. As the majority of the work is done online, the Editor-in-Chief may be located anywhere in the world.

We invite applications from individuals who are enthusiastic to take on this unique role.

Applications should include a letter indicating how the applicant meets the attributes and experience required for the role, a CV, a competing interests statement, and a 1,000-word description of the applicant’s vision for expanding eLife’s influence and reach over the next 2-3 years. Applications should be sent to EIC@elifesciences.org by October 28th**.

Applications will be reviewed by a search committee, which will create a short list. The candidates on the shortlist will be interviewed by an EIC Appointment Subcommittee of the eLife Board of Directors. Additional details are available in the announcement.

* Updated October 13, 2018.

**Deadline extended.