Peer review

"Our goal at eLife is to publish papers that our reviewers and editors find authoritative, rigorous, insightful, enlightening or just beautiful"*

At eLife, we publish highly influential research, in the form of Research Articles (with no limits to the length or number of figures), Short Reports, Tools and Resources, and Research Advances (substantial developments that build on previous eLife papers). eLife is also home to a rich selection of Magazine content, including Editorials, essays and opinions (Feature Articles), expert commentaries on recent papers (Insights), podcasts, and interviews. For details and requirements for each type of submission, please consult our Author Guide and Policies.

We do not artificially limit the number of articles we publish or have a set acceptance rate. Rather, we rely on the judgment of the working scientists who serve as our editors to select papers for peer review and publication. eLife does not support the Impact Factor.

Our goal is to make peer review constructive and collaborative: initial decisions are delivered quickly; working scientists make all editorial decisions; and revision requests are consolidated following an open, internal consultation among reviewers to deliver a single, concise set of the essential revisions. Post-review decisions and author responses for published papers are available for all to read.

Regularly updated metrics relating to the eLife editorial process are available in our Author Guide.

*"The pleasure of publishing”, by Vivek Malhotra and Eve Marder

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