Point of View: Journal clubs in the time of preprints

  1. Prachee Avasthi  Is a corresponding author
  2. Alice Soragni  Is a corresponding author
  3. Joshua N Bembenek  Is a corresponding author
  1. University of Kansas Medical Center, United States
  2. University of California Los Angeles, United States
  3. University of Tennessee, United States
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Table 1
Examples of Preprint Servers
arXivA preprint server for physics, quantitative biology, statistics, mathematics and other similar fields
bioRxivA preprint server for the life sciences
ChemRxivA preprint server for chemistry
PeerJ PreprintsA preprint server for the biological, medical and environmental sciences
PsyArXivA preprint server for the psychological sciences
PaleorXivA preprint server for paleontology
Table 2
Examples of Preprint Review Platforms
biOverlayAn open access journal that peer reviews selected preprints and publishes a final report about them
Peer Community InA recommendation service for preprints and published articles based on reviews by the community
preLightsA server that highlights preprints in the life sciences
PREreviewA platform for peer reviewing preprints
The WinnowerAn open-access publishing platform that employs open post-publication peer review

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  1. Prachee Avasthi
  2. Alice Soragni
  3. Joshua N Bembenek
Point of View: Journal clubs in the time of preprints
eLife 7:e38532.