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eLife Feature Articles allow authors to discuss research culture, science policy and funding, careers in science and a variety of other topics related to science and research. Feature Articles can also report original findings in meta-research.

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  1. Research Culture: Welcome to the lab

    Andrey Andreev et al.
    Having a formal onboarding procedure for new lab members can lead to a happier and more productive working environment.
  2. Point of View: Promoting constructive feedback on preprints with the FAST principles

    Sandra Franco Iborra et al.
    Ensuring that public feedback on preprints is focused, appropriate, specific and transparent (or FAST) will help to develop a thriving culture for reviewing and commenting on preprints.
  3. Silhouette of a scientist walking to the right

    Career Change: When dreams don’t come true

    Adna Dumitrescu
    As she closes the door on her time in academia, a neuroscientist faces unexpected grief.
    1. Plant Biology

    The Natural History of Model Organisms: The biology of C. richardii as a tool to understand plant evolution

    Sylvia P Kinosian, Paul G Wolf
    The natural history of the model fern Ceratopteris richardii provides opportunities for unique studies and makes it an important system to include in comparative work.
    1. Medicine

    Point of View: Why both sides of the gender equation matter

    Lindy E Barrett
    It is important that any strategy that seeks to move towards gender parity in science and medicine includes actions to address male advantage and overrepresentation as well as female disadvantage and underrepresentation.
  4. Science Forum: Sex differences and sex bias in human circadian and sleep physiology research

    Manuel Spitschan et al.
    Research on human sleep and circadian physiology exhibits a bias towards male subjects, creating a sex data gap which holds potential real-world impact and requires concerted effort to close.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Medicine

    Meta-Research: Author-level data confirm the widening gender gap in publishing rates during COVID-19

    Emil Bargmann Madsen et al.
    The gender gap in publication productivity has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, with potential implications for the careers of women working in research.
  5. A gloved hand holding a white spark on a purple background

    Peer Review: Feeling like a ‘real’ scientist

    Aalok Varma
    Peer reviewing helped a graduate student to finally gain a sense of belonging within the research community.
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology
    Silhoutte of a coqui frog in black on a purple background.

    The Natural History of Model Organisms: The big potential of the small frog Eleutherodactylus coqui

    Sarah E Westrick et al.
    The coquí frog is of interest to researchers in fields as diverse as development biology, social behavior and the biology of invasive species.
  6. Illustration by Vivid Biology

    COVID-19 and the Research Community: It is time for open access in clinical care

    Edy Kim
    A healthcare center widely sharing its internal guidelines on how to treat COVID-19 patients “just wasn’t done.” As the pandemic raged at a Boston hospital, the next generation of clinical leaders pushed for change.