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eLife Feature Articles allow authors to discuss research culture, science policy and funding, careers in science and a variety of other topics related to science and research. Feature Articles can also report original findings in meta-research.

Latest articles

  1. Living Science: Authorship then and now

    Eve Marder
    A researcher should only be an author on a paper if they have contributed to it in a substantive way.
    1. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Science Forum: Building a community to engineer synthetic cells and organelles from the bottom-up

    Oskar Staufer et al.
    The creation of synthetic cells and organelles will open doors to new collaborative and funding opportunities.
  2. Meta-Research: Investigating disagreement in the scientific literature

    Wout S Lamers et al.
    An approach based on cue phrases can be used to identify instances of disagreement in scientific articles and compare the level of disagreement in various disciplines.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Science Forum: Author-sourced capture of pathway knowledge in computable form using Biofactoid

    Jeffrey V Wong et al.
    Biofactoid is a tool that enables researchers to capture information about molecular interactions in a form that is both human-readable and machine-computable, thereby allowing this information to be integrated into public knowledge-bases and to be widely disseminated.
  3. Point of View: Lessons from an initiative to address gender bias

    Kate E Hoy et al.
    How a letter addressing the lack of women invited to speak at a conference in brain stimulation encouraged researchers to take action.
  4. Being a Scientist: A monster of a disease

    Sahana Sitaraman
    When compulsions and obsessive thoughts took over her world, a graduate student found strength in her identity as a scientist.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Reproducibility in Cancer Biology: Challenges for assessing replicability in preclinical cancer biology

    Timothy M Errington et al.
    A project to repeat experiments from high-impact papers in cancer biology encountered a series of challenges, many of which were caused by a lack of detail in the original papers.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Science Forum: Is preclinical research in cancer biology reproducible enough?

    Patrick Bodilly Kane, Jonathan Kimmelman
    Results from the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology provide a picture of the rate of false positives in cancer preclinical research, but it is still not clear if research in this field is less reproducible than it should be.
    1. Medicine
    2. Neuroscience

    Science Forum: Consensus-based guidance for conducting and reporting multi-analyst studies

    Balazs Aczel et al.
    Using multiple analysts to independently analyze the same dataset has the potential to explore and strengthen the robustness of results and conclusions in basic and applied research.