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Sparks of Change

Tell us how the culture of research is changing.
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Sparks of Change offers a space for stories about how research culture is or should be evolving. Each article centres around a moment that ignited change for an individual or a community. Interested in sharing your experience? Please get in touch.


  1. Sparks of Change: Share your story in eLife

    eLife’s Magazine is looking for stories that capture people's experiences of the changing culture of research.
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    Career: Why I shrank my lab by half

    Anne E Carpenter
    A medical diagnosis sets a principal investigator on a new path.
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    Reproductive Rights: Having an abortion during your PhD

    Amanda Smythers
    A graduate student reflects on her choice to end a pregnancy, and on what the overturning of Roe v. Wade means for trainees in the United States.
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    Lab Life: When your PhD (almost) falls apart

    Dominik Refardt
    As a chance observation threatens to unravel several years of work, a PhD student must choose what to do next.
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    Ukraine: Holding lectures while the bombs fall

    With the Russian army marching on his home city, a Ukrainian scholar must decide how to respond.
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    Career Change: When dreams don’t come true

    Adna Dumitrescu
    As she closes the door on her time in academia, a neuroscientist faces unexpected grief.
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    Peer Review: Feeling like a ‘real’ scientist

    Aalok Varma
    Peer reviewing helped a graduate student to finally gain a sense of belonging within the research community.
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    COVID-19 and the Research Community: It is time for open access in clinical care

    Edy Kim
    A healthcare center widely sharing its internal guidelines on how to treat COVID-19 patients “just wasn’t done.” As the pandemic raged at a Boston hospital, the next generation of clinical leaders pushed for change.
  9. Being a Scientist: A monster of a disease

    Sahana Sitaraman
    When compulsions and obsessive thoughts took over her world, a graduate student found strength in her identity as a scientist.
  10. Open Chemistry: What if we just give everything away?

    Luke D Lavis
    A group leader decided that his lab would share the fluorescent dyes they create, for free and without authorship requirements. Nearly 12,000 aliquots later, he reveals what has happened since.
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    Culture Shift: A catalyst for change

    Chrissy Stachl
    Disillusioned with conducting chemistry experiments in a basement, a new graduate student decides instead to dedicate her PhD to improving the culture of her research environment.


  1. Global Science: Barriers in Bangladesh

    Senjuti Saha, Sudipta Saha, Samir K Saha


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