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    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Why I cannot return home yet

    Mariano A Molina
    Studying abroad helped a Panamanian student to accept who he is, but it meant him letting go of his dream.
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    Being a Scientist: In the name of perseverance

    Tanya Espino-Sanchez
    Between honoring her immigrant family and making her children proud, a first-generation PhD student fights for her place in academia.
  3. Early-Career Advisory Group: Meet our new members for 2023

    We welcome three new members to our Early-Career Advisory Group, working to reform research communication and culture.
  4. African Reproducibility Network (AREN): Ambassadors bridging the gaps in open science adoption and advocacy across Africa

    Led by Emmanuel Boakye, our African Ambassadors and colleagues have created a continent-wide reproducibility network to improve and advocate for open science practices and research reproducibility across Africa.
  5. eLife Latest: July 2023 update on our actions to promote equity, diversity and inclusion

    This sixth report highlights our accomplishments from the first half of 2023 and outlines our planned actions for the remainder of the year.
  6. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Applications open for 2023

    Researchers from underrepresented backgrounds or from countries with limited funding can now apply for an award of up to $5,000 to support their research, career and community.
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    Being a Scientist: Fleeing Iraq with nothing but a dream

    Arby Abood
    Facing the harsh realities of life as a refugee in Jordan and the United States, an ambitious young man holds to a conviction: that he will, one day, get a PhD.