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Open-source Community Call: The latest developments in AI and machine learning tools for open science

Join this special call on AI and machine learning technologies and learn about PeerTax, Open Knowledge Maps and more– and to share your updates with the community.
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This October, join us for a lively discussion as project leads and contributors from across the world share their work on exciting projects that are using cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to drive forward open science and research communication.

It’s been four months since the last call on tools for reproducible research, which covered among others the Reproducible Document Stack project for authoring and publishing reproducible articles at scale; Binder, a community-driven tool for turning reproducible notebooks into executable environments; and Idyll, a markup language for the authoring and publishing of interactive narratives.

This upcoming call will focus on tools and platforms that make use of recent advances in AI and machine learning. Amongst the updates, we will hear more about PeerTax, an investigation into peer review report taxonomy using Natural Language Processing (NLP); Open Knowledge Maps, a visualisation tool that provides instant topical overviews; SeerSuite, a framework for scientific digital libraries and search engines built by crawling scientific documents from the web; and InstruMinetal, a project started at the eLife Innovation Sprint to automatically extract equipment data from the literature.

Whether you have developments to share, or simply would like to listen in to hear what’s new, please register here.

More details about the presentations and the opportunity to contribute your own updates are on the open agenda. The agenda is open to anyone who would like to present, in five minutes or less, an open-source project that:

  • Has relevance to using AI and machine learning for open science and research communication, from sharing and discovery to reading and evaluation
  • Has recently been released or significantly updated, or is in active development.
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