Special Issue: Two months to submit your cancer immunology paper

Highlighting recent advances in the mechanistic understanding of the immune response to cancer cells and new discoveries that relate to therapeutic interventions, our Special Issue continues to accept submissions until September 30, 2019.
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In March, we were pleased to announce a call for papers for the upcoming Special Issue on cancer immunology.

"Human biology is one of the most important aspects of current biology. We learn extraordinarily mysterious observations from patient studies which we never expected from mouse studies. eLife’s Special Issue on cancer immunology will shed light on this new development in biology." – Tasuku Honjo, Kyoto University

The issue will curate the very best research at the interface of Cancer Biology and Immunology. It is being overseen by eLife Senior Editor Jeff Settleman (Senior Vice President and Group Head of Oncology Research and Development at Pfizer) and a host of Guest Editors, who are all experts in this field. This includes:

  • Tasuku Honjo, Professor, Department of Immunology and Genomic Medicine, Kyoto University
  • Jane Grogan, Principal Scientist, Department of Cancer Immunology, Genentech
  • Yutaka Kawakami, Dean, International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) School of Medicine, and Project Professor, Institute for Advanced Medical Research, Keio University School of Medicine
  • Guido Kroemer, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris Descartes
  • Caetano Reis e Sousa, Senior Group Leader, Immunobiology Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute

"Onco-immunology has fundamentally changed the paradigm for cancer treatment. It is time for important scientific journals like eLife to recognise that this topic warrants more intensive exploration of the underlying basic science." – Guido Kroemer, University of Paris Descartes

We continue to welcome submissions that highlight recent advances in the mechanistic understanding of the immune response to cancer cells and new discoveries that relate to therapeutic interventions.

"Having reviewed for and published with eLife, I can personally attest to the quality and collegiality of the review process,” says Guest Editor Caetano Reis e Sousa, The Francis Crick Institute. “It is my pleasure to guest edit this Special Issue with such a distinguished group of colleagues."

Authors interested in being part of the Special Issue can submit their manuscripts via eLife’s submission system, highlighting in the cover letter that the paper is for consideration in this collection.

Papers will be published online when they’re ready and will continue to be considered for the Special Issue until September 30, 2019.


We welcome comments/questions from researchers as well as other journals. Please annotate publicly on the article or contact us at hello [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

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