Peer Review Week 2020: Thank you to our reviewers for their contributions

In the last year, more than 6,800 reviewers have supported eLife’s mission to improve the speed and visibility of peer review.
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We would like to take the opportunity, in Peer Review Week 2020, to thank our reviewers for their invaluable contribution and dedicated support of our mission to improve research communication and dissemination. In the last 12 months, researchers have collectively contributed 9,483 reviews to support our review process for 3,486 submissions. Our reviewers play a crucial role and we are grateful for their time, valuable input and expertise.

At eLife, editors and reviewers discuss their reviews with each other before reaching a decision on a manuscript. The overall aim is to make peer review faster by reducing rounds of revision and only requesting extra experiments when they are essential. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need for rapid publication is now more important than ever. That is why we fully support preprints, and have introduced Preprint Review.

To continually improve the peer-review process further, our reviewers* take part in a quarterly survey and we’ve found that,

89% of respondents would recommend our process to others


98% of respondents are willing to review for eLife again.

We’re grateful to each and every one of our 6,899 reviewers listed here who support us in publishing promising research in all areas of biology and medicine.

*Feedback is invited from all eLife reviewers after the review process is completed; the results here relate to responses received between October 2019 and December 2019 (n= 237).

To learn more about our consultative peer-review process visit


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