Early-Career Travel Grants: Terms and conditions

eLife is pleased to offer a travel grant programme whereby the early-stage researcher on an eLife paper may be funded to present their work at a meeting of their choice to get the exposure and recognition in their field.
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Available awards

Awards of up to $1,000 will be granted to assist researchers with costs associated with presenting their work at a scientific meeting to which they are required to travel. We will prioritise applicants requiring long-distance and international travel.

Awards will be made for research in any area of life science and biomedicine covered by the eLife journal.

Application deadlines are on March 1 and September 6. Due to the current circumstances and impact on the scientific community, we made the decision to remove the May 31 deadline for applications.

Please consider the deadlines carefully. We will not consider applications for grants to assist with events that take place less than 3 weeks after the application deadline of that funding round (for example in the first round we will only consider applications for funding towards events happening on or after March 22).

Who is eligible to apply

Applicants must be:

  • Researchers who have completed a PhD and have no more than five years of active research experience in an independent position (health-related or parental leave, for example, are not considered active research experience*)
  • Pursuing their research in life sciences or biomedicine
  • Authors or co-authors with a substantial contribution into a recent research article published (or accepted for publication) at eLife
  • Accepted to present a talk or poster at a scientific meeting to which they are required to travel**

OR they must be PhD Candidates in life sciences and biomedicine before doctoral graduation, provided they are first authors on their eLife publication (including joint first authorship) and have an oral presentation of their work accepted at the meeting of their choice.

*Please contact community@elifesciences.org to inform us of any career breaks that we should take into account when reviewing your eligibility under this criterion.
**Please note that applicants with confirmed oral presentations will be treated with priority.

Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to apply on the next available deadline if their situation has changed (e.g. if their previously unconfirmed presentation would now be accepted, or if applying for funding towards presenting at another event).


Applications from prior grant recipients will not be considered.

Applications from PhD candidates before doctoral graduation who are not first authors on their eLife publication and/or don’t have a talk confirmed at the meeting of their choice will not be considered.

Judging process and criteria

Grants will be awarded by eLife editors on the basis of the abstract of the presentation the applicant is expecting to give at their chosen meeting. Further, applications will be prioritised on the basis that the applicant:

  • Was a substantial contributor to an eLife paper
  • Brings geographic diversity
  • Brings topical diversity
  • Has published their work with eLife recently

Depending on the number of applications, we will may further prioritise applications by level of participation at the meeting (confirmed oral presentations considered preferentially to posters), as well as candidates for whom eLife contribution makes a difference to their ability to attend the event.

Terms of the grant

The awardees will be provided with a form to claim their grants. The total grant amount will be provided to the recipient's account by a wire transfer. All applicants should be informed that, from the point when they provide their details for an international bank transfer, it may take up to 30 days for the funds to arrive into their accounts.

eLife will contact applicants by email with the result of their application, and – where relevant – requesting additional information to help with public announcement of their award.
We strongly encourage all applicants to sign up for updates about eLife's initiatives for early-career researchers here.

Upon acceptance of the grant, recipients acknowledge that they will be obliged to provide eLife with feedback about the learning and personal development outcomes of the event, in a report of no less than 100 words and including photographs of their presentation where possible.

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