What you always wanted to know about the p-value, but were afraid to ask

A recording of the recent webinar, where Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl discussed the scientific ritual of significance testing.

Do you believe that the p-value gives you the probability that your result is a false positive? Have you ever contemplated the prior probabilities of the hypotheses you are investigating? Could you explain to anyone, including yourself, what statistical significance actually means? Do you know the “winner’s curse”?

In this webinar we tried to answer these and many other questions about the scientific ritual of significance testing, including whether we shall redefine, or even remove statistical significance, as many prominent statisticians and scientists have recently demanded.

About the speaker

Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl serves as the Director of the Department of Experimental Neurology at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. His research is focused on stroke, cerebral blood flow regulation and brain imaging. In 2017 he also became the founding director of the QUEST Center for Transforming Biomedical Research at the Berlin Institute of Health. QUEST (Quality-Ethics-Open Science–Translation) aims to overcome the roadblocks in translational medicine by increasing the value and impact of biomedical research through maximizing the quality, reproducibility, generalizability and validity of research.

Find out more by visiting his institution's website. You can also follow him on Twitter @dirnagl.


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