eLife Labs: An invitation to trial Manuscripts, a new authoring tool

eLife invites scientists looking to publish with the journal to try a new writing experience.
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eLife Labs hosts a free trial of Manuscripts 1.0. This is a tool that helps authors focus on their writing by allowing them to outline and edit a paper. With pre-formatted templates for specific publications, including one for writing an eLife research article, it helps authors create a paper, complete with figures, tables, equations and a formatted bibliography, ready to be published.

Manuscripts has been designed by Manuscripts.app Ltd, headed by Matias Piipari, and is independent from eLife. To read more about the application and to take part in the trial, please visit Matias’ guest article.

While eLife doesn’t require authors to use Manuscripts for their submissions to the journal, we feel this tool may benefit some researchers. We therefore host the trial to offer them an opportunity to test the application with their next paper.

We’re hoping that innovations such as this will help save scientists’ time in the process of sharing their discoveries.


eLife Labs is a meeting place where innovators passionate about accelerating scientific discoveries, and curious scientists and publishers interested in testing new tools, can come together.

If you are a developer seeking to promote a trial of your new software or host it on eLife Labs, contact Ian Mulvany, eLife Head of Technology.