Webinar Report: Introduction to creating an Executable Research Article (ERA)

Watch back our demonstration on how you can enhance your eLife paper.

The option to create an Executable Research Article (ERA) is now available at eLife, taking published research to a new level of transparency, reproducibility and interactivity. Authors with a published eLife paper can register their interest to enhance their articles with live code blocks, programmatically-generated interactive figures, and dynamically generated in-line values.

Watch back our webinar detailing the process of creating an ERA. This included a demonstration of the author workflow by eLife Innovation Community Manager, Emmy Tsang and Alex Ketchakmadze, Designer & Software Engineer at Stencila and was followed by a Q&A session where the attendees could directly ask the speakers their questions.

Chaired by:

Emmy Tsang
Innovation Community Manager

Alex Ketchakmadze
Designer & Software Engineer

To find out more about enhancing your eLife article with an ERA, take a look at the recent Labs post or register your interest here.


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