Early-career researcher travel grants: Latest two authors selected

To support their attendance and presentation at a meeting of their choice, each will receive a grant of up to $1,000.
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Hansong Ma and Hongyun Zhao have been selected by eLife Senior Editors to receive travel grants in the latest round of applications for 2017.

The grants of up to $1,000 each were awarded based on the quality of the eLife papers they put forward for consideration and will allow the winners to travel to a meeting of their choice and present their work, providing the opportunity for exposure and gaining recognition among leading scientists in their fields.

Latest travel grant recipients, Hansong Ma and Hongyun Zhao.

Hansong Ma will travel from Cambridge, UK to the European Drosophila Research Conference. There she will present her work using genetics techniques to investigate recombination in the mitochondria of fruit flies. Having shown that the recombination of animal mitochondrial DNA is possible, future work will now be undertaken to understand how it works and how it affects evolution.

Hongyun Zhao will be attending American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. There she will discuss her research into how the neighbouring cells to cancer cells, known as fibroblasts, smuggle essential nutrients to cancer cells via tiny bubble-like structures known as exosomes. Preventing exosomes from doing this might be an effective strategy to treat cancers.

There’s still time to apply for one of the eight travel grants available before the final deadline in October. The next set of deadlines and details of how to apply can be found here.

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