eLife podcast

Latest episodes

  1. Artistic recreation of the dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

    Episode 84: December 2022

    In this episode, we hear about fish-eating dinosaurs, the benefits of intercropping, mobile phones and health in Africa, and stress and siblings in bonobos.
  2. Marmoset on a tree

    Episode 83: November 2022

    In this episode, we hear about neonatal communication in marmosets, a potential link between language development disorders and myelin, the evolution of the lung, and eLife’s new approach to publishing.
  3. Picture of a Phauda flammans Walker moth

    Episode 82: September 2022

    In this episode, we hear about ancient populations, wild animals in cities, tumour cells under pressure, smell and mating in moths, and Africa’s potential for neuroscience.
  4. Mosquito on a poppy

    Episode 81: July 2022

    In this episode, we hear about e- cigarettes, the feeding behaviour of mosquitoes, gender inequalities in science, and how babies get their vitamin D.
  5. Episode 80: May 2022

    In this episode, we hear about insulin and the body clock, communication in baboons, the sleep patterns of animals in the wild, a new species of dinosaur, and how Covid antibodies produced in response to vaccines and infection compare.
  6. UV patterns in sunflowers

    Episode 79: March 2022

    In this episode, we hear about contagious cancer in clams, pregnancy and evolution in humans, how a taste for cereals preceded farming, ultraviolet patterns in sunflowers, and the eLife Ambassador Programme

  7. Time course of limb growth and regeneration on the Mexican Axolotl.

    Episode78: January 2022

    In this episode, we hear about the posture of an ancient hominid, limb regeneration, feline bacteria, ant colonies, and how old worms combat the ageing process.
  8. Yerba Santa leaf segment

    Episode 77: December 2021

    In this episode, we hear about coral bleaching, neolithic diseases, oxytocin, the evolution of disease genes, and plans for an atlas of plant cells.