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Image by Smith et al, subject to CC-BY 4.0

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  1. Episode 4: September 2013

    In this episode of the eLife podcast we discuss how flatworms can grow new heads and tails, how photosynthesis has evolved over time, social interactions between mice, the properties of undead cells, and interactions between steroids and genes.

  2. Episode 3: August 2013

    In this episode of the eLife podcast we discuss the cocktail party effect, how psuedogene RNA has a role in the immune response, new insights into the genetic origins of a common form of blindness, research into individual responses to the flu vaccine, and the origins of the tropical disease schistosomiasis.

  3. Episode 2: July 2013

    In this issue of the eLife podcast we discuss plants performing arithmetic division, the evolutionary dynamics of cancer, single-molecule measurements in the immune system, why blood vessels don’t grow in the retina, how to make science count in government, a sensor for ammonium, and the evolution of gene regulation.

  4. Episode 1: June 2013

    Welcome to the first eLife podcast, which covers topics as diverse as the origins of multicellularity, what modern sequencing technology can tell us about the potato famines of the 1840s, the discovery of the receptor for the hepatitis B and D viruses, the effect of fog on the behaviour of car drivers, and the evolution of chromatin.