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Ye X, Xiong S, Teng Z, Yang Y, Wang J, Yu K, Wu H, Mei Y, Yan Z., Cheng S, Yin C, Wang F, Yao H, Fang Q, Song Q, Werren J, Ye G, Li F. 2020. Amino acid synthesis loss in parasitoid wasps and other hymenopterans. eLife 9:e59795. doi: 10.7554/eLife.59795.

Published 19, October 2020

We are retracting the above eLife paper due to errors that have resulted in incorrect conclusions concerning amino acid pathway loss in hymenopterans and other insects. Three colleagues (J McCutcheon, A Wilson, and N Moran) together alerted us that our conclusions were inconsistent with other studies showing the same amino acid pathway losses early in metazoan evolution. Upon examination, we found that the problem arose because of our incorrect homology assignments of certain amino acid pathway genes to nonhomologous insect genes, resulting in inaccurate characterization of gene loss patterns. As a consequence, conclusions concerning amino acid pathway loss are incorrect, requiring the paper’s retraction. All authors have agreed to the retraction.

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  1. Ziwen Teng

  2. Jiale Wang

  3. Kaili Yu

  4. Huizi Wu

  5. Yang Mei

  6. Zhichao Yan

  7. Sammy Cheng

  8. Chuanlin Yin

  9. Fang Wang

  10. Hongwei Yao

  11. Qisheng Song

  12. John H Werren

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  1. Version of Record published: December 1, 2020 (version 1)


© 2020, Ye et al.

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  1. Xinhai Ye
  2. Shijiao Xiong
  3. Ziwen Teng
  4. Yi Yang
  5. Jiale Wang
  6. Kaili Yu
  7. Huizi Wu
  8. Yang Mei
  9. Zhichao Yan
  10. Sammy Cheng
  11. Chuanlin Yin
  12. Fang Wang
  13. Hongwei Yao
  14. Qi Fang
  15. Qisheng Song
  16. John H Werren
  17. Gongyin Ye
  18. Fei Li
Retraction: Amino acid synthesis loss in parasitoid wasps and other hymenopterans
eLife 9:e65123.

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